I stood in front of Cisco. He looked stupid. He was making faces, it was hilarious. I took a photo of him doing it. (Pic at top)
"Go to Central City Bank" Cisco said. We ran and saw a man wearing black armor. I knew who it was, it was Dark Warrior. Then this black substance came around him. Then he hit us, and I felt pain, and I saw my death and the deaths of the ones I love. I woke up to Caitlin screaming my name. I gasped and shot up. "Good your okay" Cisco said. "How long was I out?" I asked. "About 2 hours, Barry woke up an hour ago" Iris said. I got up and fell on the ground. "Your out of fuel you need to eat" Cisco said. "What am I? A car?" I asked.
I ate then suddenly felt woozy. Then I got a pain in my head. I fell on the ground. Then I passed out.

Barry's P.O.V: (Yeah that's right Barry's P.O.V. this chapter is gonna be weird)

I sat next to Skye. She passed out again and I was worried. Ever since our contact with Dark Warrior she's been passing out for no reason. She woke up, looked at me and started screaming. "Who are you?!?!?!" She screamed. Caitlin came in and screamed. "What is wrong?". "Who are you? And who are you? Where am I?" Skye said. I sat there confused. What? Who am I? I'm Barry Allen, The Flash, Forensic Scientist, Your Fiance. "Do you not remember us?" Caitlin asked. I wanted to say no duh. But it's not the time to be sarcastic. "Should I?" Skye asked. Yeah. You should. I proposed last week and we just had a engagement party. Then Cisco came in and Skye shot up. "Drake!" She yelled. Drake? She runs up to Cisco and kisses him! She kissed Cisco! Then she fell on the ground unconscious.

Cisco stood there in shock. Caitlin puts her on the bed. I walked up to Cisco. "Skye just kissed me" he said. "I know" I said. "Why am I still alive?" Cisco asked. "Wait what?" I asked. "She kissed me and you have no emotions" He said. "Well. I think she lost her memories when she came to impact with..." Caitlin said. "Dark Warrior" I said. Cisco's mouth dropped. "1. I name the bad guys 2. That was awesome where did you get that?" Cisco asked. I ignored the question. "So Dark Warrior takes memories?" I asked. "Yeah. And when he took Skye's she must have gotten someone else's" Caitlin said. I looked at Skye what if she never gets her memories back?

I'm laying my head on Skye when I feel her move. "Hey Babe" she said. I look up and see her smiling at me. "You got your memories back" I said. "When did I lose them?" She asked confused.

I told her what happened and when I told her she kissed Cisco her face turned beat red. Cisco came. "I am so sorry Cisco" she said. "You told her?" He asked. I nodded. "It's okay.... your a good kisser" Cisco said. He shouldn't have said that. "Run" she said in a deep voice. He started running. She ran after him.

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