22 || The Truth : Final Take

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Life's unpredictable and unprecedented for everyone, and Khushali Mehra was becoming well aware of it. That's why, just as she start to believe in something, a new angle, a new perspective to it arise and change the conclusion she reach after much thinking. Something, she wasn't very amused about.

She stood transfixed to the same spot she had been standing at when Mayera introduced Arjun as her husband. She hadn't moved as much as a millimetre from there, completely shocked on becoming aware of Mayera's marital status, along with Mayera's claim of finally telling her the truth.

Just a day back, her husband had told her that he'd let her know the truth when it'd be the right time. But Mayera didn't seem to follow his lines, rather she was, what Arjun had said, going against Sidharth. Why? Khushali didn't know the answer for this, or as a matter of fact, any of the 'whys' that she'd been coming across since last few days.

With multiple things going on in her mind, Khushali couldn't keep herself together anymore and sat down on the couch, holding the armrest of the couch as support. But it didn't appear anymore supportive as the images from the day, Mayera and Vivan had told her the apparent version of the truth, rushed back to her, spinning mercilessly in her head, which seemed on the verge of exploding.

Letting go of the couch armrest, Khushali held her head in her hands, unable to bear the excruciating ache, which without being physical, was numbing her. And the puzzlement that she was being bestowed with, only accelerated the process of her numbness. It was just too much for any sane person, and enough to drive them insane.

Just yesterday, it was revealed to her that her husband was innocent, which she knew since the beginning. Along with it, she also got to know that her ex fiancé was murdered, and the reason behind his murder by the culprit, was something she desperately wanted to know.

But will that all be answered now, Khushali doubted that. If Sidharth was going to be here, then it seemed highly unlikely for Khushali to final learn the truth. Yet, there wasn't just Sidharth, Jay would be there too, and he was the only person, whom Khushali believed to reveal the truth to her.

Of course, it was Mayera who had promised to tell her the entire truth. But wasn't it like last time, when all she told Khushali was a realm of lies and deceit, created to only sow the seeds of mistrust for Sidharth. Khushali was ought to be apprehensive and skeptical about trusting Mayera once again, atleast as far as the truth was concerned.

A small groan escaped Khushali's lips, catching Mayera's and Arjun's attention, both of who were busy talking about yesterday. Both knew that Khushali needed some time for sinking in everything that happened now and didn't disturb her.

But now as Mayera realised that it was time to speak to Khushali, atleast to explain to her about certain things, which needed to be cleared before Sidharth arrived here.

"Baby, why don't you go and make coffee for us three?" said Mayera, looking at her husband.

"Er ... sure," said Arjun, understanding the underlying excuse of Mayera's for some privacy.

He got up and left for the kitchen. Once he was out of sight, Mayera went and stood infront of Khushali. Keeping her hand on Khushali's shoulder, Mayera gently said, "Khushali, you okay?"

"No." came Khushali's reply bluntly.

"I know," said Mayera, settling beside her, "And I also know that I'm the one of the chief reasons for this condition of yours."

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