Chapter 4

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First day back at school since the dance. I can't wait to see Patrick. As I get ready for the day, I open my locker and find a note inside.

Dear Laura,

Tell the teacher I will be sick for 2 days.           

P.S. Meet me at the park after school

 - Patrick XOXO

The teacher walks into the class. "Good morning 7O'R" she says as she sits down. "Good Morning Mrs Riley" we say in a monotone voice. She starts calling the role.

Mrs Riley: "Olivia"

Olivia: "Here"

Mrs Riley: "Angelique"

Angelique: "Here"

Mrs Riley: "Laura"

Laura: "Morning"

Mrs Riley: "Kobe"

Kobe: "G'day"

Mrs Riley: "Ante R"

Ante R: "Here"

Mrs Riley: "Ante J"

Ante J: "Here"

Mrs Riley: "Jayden"

Jayden: "Morning Mrs Riley"

Mrs Riley: "Patrick, Patrick, Patrick"

Laura: "Oh, Miss, he won't be here today or tomorrow"

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