Emma Swan angrily slammed the door of her parents' apartment and ran down the stairway as quickly as she could. She burst through the door of the building into the street, the cool October air blowing in her face. Emma rushed down the street to Granny's. She flung the door open and stormed to the counter.

"Hey Emma," Ruby said with a wave. "Can I get you anything?"

"No," Emma replied. Ruby turned to walk away. "Wait, Ruby, can you get me a bottle of whiskey."

"Sure thing." Emma's eyes followed Ruby as she walked to the back to get her drink.

Moments later she returned with a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey and a small glass. Emma poured some of the amber liquid into the glass and downed it, the alcohol burning in her throat, she sighed. She started to pour another glass but instead she took a swig straight from the bottle. She continued to drink from the bottle until there was only a quarter of the bottle left.

"Wow. You sure put a dent in that," Ruby remarked. "Do you need a drive home?"

"Naaah," Emma slurred, "I'll be okay."

Just then the bell above the door rang. Ruby and Emma both looked toward the door to see Regina standing there. She quickly scanned the room and when she noticed the two women she headed briskly in their direction.

"Hello Regina," Ruby said.

"Swan," Regina began, completely ignoring Ruby's greeting, "what the hell are you doing here? Your parents, Henry and Hook are worried sick about you. Your mother called me and asked me to help them look for you. She said you left their apartment in a rage and she didn't know where you went or what you were planning on doing. I have no idea why they didn't look here first, knowing you. Now, come with me." Regina reached for Emma's wrist but Emma yanked it away.

"I'm not going with you!" Emma protested. It was quite obvious from her behaviour that she was drunk.

"Come on, Emma," Regina said in a tone that made it clear she was not asking but telling. "You're drunk and I need to bring you home."

"But I don't want to go home," Emma whined, crossing her arms like a stubborn child.

Regina turned on Ruby. "Why the hell did you give her so much to drink?" she demanded.

"Sorry, Regina, I just thought I could trust her to be responsible," Ruby defended her self.

"This is the last time I'm going to tell you, Emma, let's go!" Regina raised her voice.

"No," Emma giggled.

"That's it," Regina lunged at Emma, grabbing her arm. She started to drag her to the door.

"Hey, Emma, Regina," Ruby called. "Someone's gotta pay for this." She was pointing at Emma's almost empty bottle on the counter.

"Fine," Regina sighed and rolled her eyes. In the moment she loosened her grip on Emma, allowing for her to grab the bottle and make a break for the door. "Here," Regina tossed some bills at Ruby and ran after Emma.

Emma ran across the street, nearly getting hit by Leroy who slammed on his breaks and his horn and shouted angrily "Hey! Watch where you're going". Regina continued to chase her down the sidewalk. Emma chugged the last of her whiskey and smashed the bottle on the solid cement of the sidewalk causing Regina, who was normally a very calm and well put together woman, to shriek. She kept running down the street until she got to Gold's Pawn Shop. Emma reached down to the ground beside her and grabbed a rock the size of her fist.

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