"Yes I do, the sexual tension between you both is ridiculous and we're all over it. You're making us horny just being in the same room as you both and I don't want to bang either of you."

"Oh my god," is all I could say.

"Dude do you have to be so vulgar?" asked Aiden.

"You both just need to stop being so stubborn and realise that you both like each other."

"Since when do you give relationship advice Marco?" I asked.

"Since I'm over two of my best friends ignoring their feelings and making everyone else uncomfortable."

It was safe to say we spent the rest of the car ride in utter silence other than the radio. I had no idea how to answer him for my reasoning behind everything but the less they knew the better it would be for everyone in the long run.

I was ready to murder Marco.


We finally made it to the holiday house after what felt like hours with the nightmare twins, Marco and Aiden.

As soon as I got out of the car, I was tempted to kiss the ground. All I wanted to do now was escape to the beach but once again I would have to wait a bit longer for the time to come.

"Okay well everyone pick a room and get settled in. We'll need to go shopping for food later but for now it will be beach time as soon as we get unpacked," said Andrew.

And with that I raced inside to score the biggest room or one that at least had its own bathroom attached. I put all my stuff onto the bed and raced into the bathroom to drop my toiletry bag in it. I figured as I was the only girl I needed a bathroom close to my room and with easy access to my legs in the case of an emergency. The boys all could share the other bathroom.

I walked back out to my room and into the lounge room with my bag ready for the beach. You would think that with me being the only girl I would be the last one when in fact the boys were far worse than me, it even takes them longer to do their hair when we go out. 

"Boys the beach is waiting for me, do you think you could be any slower?" I called out.

"Oh Savannah, would you stop being such a girl," said Marco.

"Says the one who takes longer than me to get ready."

"A man has to look his best Sav, has no one ever told you that?"

"No Marco, I can safely say that I have never been told that before but good to know, now shut up and get ready so we can go to the beach."

"Yeah give us a few," he called back while the rest of the boys laughed.


We had made it to the beach at last. I was on my towel soaking up the rays while the boys did whatever they felt like.

I was content with laying on my towel and listening to music. I probably would go for a swim later but I knew the boys would end up driving me insane and would keep being pains until I went in the water with them.

I just wanted some me time at the moment where I could be alone with my thoughts and just listen to the sound of the waves or my music but all I could hear was the noise that boys were making while they played footy. I stuck my headphones in so I could zone out but that only lasted me half an hour before I got bored and decided it was too hot to just lie there. I decided it was time for a swim.

The water felt nice as I dove under the wages before they could crash on me. The boys weren't too far behind me and I knew with them being the immature little children they were, they'd more than likely splash me so I beat them to it.

"Savannah, we really should teach you how to surf," said Andrew, once he had reached me in the surf.

"Why should I learn how to surf?"

"Because we all know how to except you and then you can come out with us."

"Maybe one day but for now I'm happy just doing this."

"You don't know what you're missing out on."

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Aiden coming towards me just as he wrapped his wet arms around me.

"What are you doing Aiden?"

"Just giving my number one girl a hug."

At those words I felt butterflies form in my stomach, this was not good. I needed to sort my shit out and kill these butterflies before I looked like a fool. I couldn't let him and his words get to me or I'd come undone.

"Number one girl he reckons."

"You know you are; I'll always have a soft spot for you."

And the butterflies were back stronger than ever. Get your shit together Savannah.

"Can you two just hook up already. This is what we're talking about. I feel like I'm watching a porno. The tension between you both is hot and something needs to happen before you both explode," said Jay.

I bit back.

"Why does everyone think we have tension? There is not tension here."

"Now you're in denial Savannah. I swear to god if you both don't grow some balls and make a move, I'm going to lock you in a room together and leave you both in there."

I just gave him evils and stormed out of the water before grabbing my things and walking back to the house. I locked myself in the bathroom. I desperately needed a shower and some alone time so I could clear my flooded head.

I need to get Aiden out of my head right now. This wasn't healthy. Things just couldn't happen between us as much as either of us wanted them too especially with me moving soon. I couldn't do that to him or myself. The more I tried to ignore this though the more my feelings seem to grow for him. The more I tried to pull back the worst I felt and everyone could see that.

If I gave in to what I wanted it wouldn't be fair to anyone and I don't think I could take it either.

I just realised the extent of my feelings for Aiden.

I had fallen for him and I had fallen hard.

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