chapter 15

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I walked outside to see the boys arguing over something to do with driving. I had my sunglasses on and my phone in my hand.

"Are you boys ready to do this or what?" I asked, laughing at them. They honestly acted like little children.

"You never will grow up will you?"

"Never," laughed Marco.

"Ok, now daddy over here says everyone get in the god damn car so we can start this trip please," said Andrew.

He honestly was the one who put order in place and controlled the rest of the children. In a sense, he was the Dad of the group.

"Yes Dad," laughed Jay before getting into one of the cars.

I walked to the car and dropped my bag into the boot. I was tempted to take some sleeping tablets to knock me out so I didn't have to deal or be tempted by Aiden.

"Marco, I apologize to you in advance for this car ride."

"Yeah, I'll see how we go but thank you for considering my feelings. No sex in the back of the car while I'm driving, alright?."

I just laughed.

"You have nothing to worry about Marco."

"I hope not; I need to concentrate on the road not the moans coming from you two."

I felt my face start to go red.

"I swear I'll be good."

"You better."

And that signalled the end of the conversation.

I got into the back of the car before Aiden could join. I stuck my headphones in and hoped for the best. Eventually Aiden and Marco got in the car. I had the backseat to myself so I knew I'd be alright for the moment.


For about half an hour, I just listened to music on my iPod and drowned out the rest of the world. All I wanted to do right now was to be on the beach, tanning and swimming while I  relaxed.Eventually I got sick of that and pulled my head phones out deciding I could catch up on sleep, annoy the boys or enjoy the scenery my window offered. I decided on the second option.

"So what's the plan when we get there?" I asked.

"Well Andrew has decided that we are going out tonight but as soon as we get there we are taking a trip to the beach," said Marco.

"Sounds good."

"Yeah I think it would be good," said Marco. I could see his face in the review mirror of him shooting me a look and quickly glancing at Aiden.

I was going to play with Marco and his stupid ideas.

"What was that Marco?"

"What was what?" He asked me.

"Why were you looking at Aiden like that?"

Aiden's head flipped fast.

"Looking at me like what?" Said Aiden.

"You really want to play Savannah? Bring it on."

"You're game," I said.

"You bet I am. You and Aiden just need to bang and get it out of your systems and go from there ok."

I felt my cheeks heating up and the mortification begin to set in.

"Really Marco? You just have to say that don't you," said Aiden.

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