Chapter 15 SILLY

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HEY GUYS❤️ IM BACKKK ^^ LONGTIME NO UPDATE :O let's continue with this story ❤️❤️

Jayu and Kai are sitting on the couch, watching tv, waiting for chanyeol to come back. When suddenly Sehun comes to bother them. Sehun is the maknae so he doesn't really mean any harm XD

"HAAALLOOOO!!!" He yelled and jumped on the couch between Jayu and Kai.

"..........." Kai was just speechless. He really wanted to slap sehun on the face, but then he thought about it.

*breathes in and breathes out* "Sehun....... What do u think you are doing?"

"Ahhh I just wanted to chillax with u guys :)) u two seem bored so I want excitement !!!"

Jayu was giggling because how can Sehun be so cute!!!

"Ahmmm oppa~ we are watching television ^^ U CAN WATCH IT TOO!! ^^

"But that's boring ><"

"Gosh Sehun. Go leave somewhere ~__~" Kai said glaring at him.

"Heheheh matter of fact, Sehun, do you want to go to the store with meh? I'm going to surprise chanyeol! :) he's been odd lately ~"

"*gasps* OF COURSE JAYU! *winks at kai* I would love to~ let's go :) I want to walk there instead~"

"There's a nearby store??" :O

"Yea! I'm pretty sure chanyeol went there anyways hahah"

"Well let's go! Already dressed!"

Then Kai interrupts.

"Woah woah woahhhh~ without me??"

"Yea um bye" Jayu and Sehun said at the same time and rushed out of the house.

"Pabo" Kai said.


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