Chapter Twenty-Three

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Cara POV
"Hi", I said while laughing nervously and closing the door. I turned around and slowly put down my purse before walking into the living room. Cameron looked disappointed at me, while Jack on the other hand couldn't even look up.
"Why did you need me here?" I asked after awkward silence and sat across from them. Even though I knew exactly why, something in me was denying it until I hear it come out of one of their mouths.
"Why?" Cameron asked and his voice cracked. My heart dropped and I started to hate myself even more. I looked away and started to get lost in my thoughts. Why do I always tend to ruin peoples lives? I do not know. Why did I get those? Because I need them. The tears started to threaten my eyes and I covered my face.
"Why can't you just tell me?" He continued and we all a started to cry.
"Because I'm nothing", I said inbetween sobs. I heard his footsteps and he grabbed both my arms, pulling them away from my face.
"You can be so much more if you were just confident in yourself", he softly said while whining my face.
I shook my head vigorously and started to reply,"No, no I can't and ever will be". I ran upstairs and shut my bedroom door before climbing into my bed. Cameron walked in after a while and leaned against the door frame.
"Could you just tell me what's wrong?" He asked.
"I'm just tired I said and rolled over.
Cameron's POV
"I'm just tired", she said and rolled over. I closed her door and went downstairs and sat on the couch.
I've known her long enough to know it's more than that. She's lacking not only sleep, but hope.
"Dude, I'll help you guys through this no matter what", Jack started to say but I stopped him.
"Not really, it's hard when you've done everything you can and it's still not enough", I sighed and stood up.
"I think we should start getting the luggages in the car and head to the airport", I continued and tossed him my keys.
Jack started carrying things down and I went to check on Cara. After grabbing a water-bottle, I walked upstairs quietly and it was so quiet. As I opened the door, I dropped the water-bottle on the floor and ran over to her. She was sniffling and I grabbed the blade away from her before picking her up. She grabbed onto my chest like her life depended on it as I patted her hair gently.
"You need to stop this because nether me, or you can live if you continue to harm yourself", I said in the most calm voice I could handle at the moment. Jack walked in and looked between us and the blade before I passed Cara to him.
"I'm gonna search your room, okay?" I asked and she sniffled.
After looking around for about 10 minutes, I finally found a box similar to the other one that I threw out. I opened it and placed the blade she had right now in it and took it to my room. I quickly locked the drawer and walked downstairs, taking Cara from Jack. By now she was asleep and I slipped on her shoes before we left out the door.
*On the plane*
We were all sitting beside eachother, me in the middle, when Cara shifted in her seat. I looked to the side and saw she woke up now.
"How are you feeling?" I asked softly and looked at her. She sat up and stared out the window.
"I know you can hear me", I said and rolled my eyes. This new attitude if hers is annoying me to the extreme.
"The flight has now landed, please remove your seatbelts and I hope you enjoy your stay in Edmonton", the flight attendant announced.
Cara's face lit up and she bolted of the plane, leaving me to carry her stuff. Once I got out there I saw why; Jacob was there even though he was supposed to be at the hospital. Jack looked away with a little disappointment when he saw them hugging.
"Don't worry man, you guys are perfect together", I said while patting his back. He nodded and headed towards the van. I walked up to Cara and they were flirting.
"Are you serious right now Cara? You already have a boyfriend", I said and stood there with an annoyed look. She ignored me again and I picked her up, throwing her over my shoulder.
"We are gonna talk later about everything, but you need to get ready for dinner when we get to the hotel", I told her as I carried her to the van.
She rolled her eyes and opened the front door but I shut it.
"What now", she snapped at me.
"I need that seat for the carry-on", I said smirking.
She was about to sit all the way in the back but I continued. "Oh and that's for our luggages".
Now she had to sit beside Jack. We quickly glanced at eachother and I made up an excuse to leave.
"Uhm...Taylor is calling me--be right back". I put child lock on and walked up to the crew to greet everyone who was just arriving. After talking for a little and setting my GPS, I got back into the car and saw them hugging. I accidentally chuckled out loud, earning glares from both of them.
"I know you lied about Taylor because we are here to record some of my songs", she mumbled.
"Cara what is with your attitude? Your so grumpy all of a sudden and it's driving me crazy. I just want my babygirl back", I said the last part quieter.
As we pulled to a stop,she huffed. "I know, but that little girl is long gone", she said before hopping out.

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