Zodiac University

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Zodiac University is a prestigious school that only fifty students every four years have the honor of attending.

Twelve brilliant young students all had the intention of being one of those fifty students.

There was Aries, a natural leader. He was strong and efficient in everything he did. He aimed to be a business man in the future.

There was Taurus, a kind young man who had a dream to own his own restaurant. There was almost nothing he loved more than food.

There was Gem, who was the former president of her Debate Club. She was determined to be an attorney.

There was Cancer, who was kind and caring , who wanted to be a teacher.

There was Lea, who was going to be a singer and actress. With her strong and confident personality, she would shine in the spotlight.

There was Virgo, who had a goal to become a dancer. With her grace and perfectionist attitude, she would make it happen.

There was Libra, who wanted to be a judge someday. He was fair and with time could always make a balanced decision.

There was Scorpio, who was tough and intelligent. His secretive and observant attitude was perfect for his desire to become a detective.

There was Sagittarius, who wanted to become a professional archer. It fitted his light, energetic personality.

There was Capricorn, who worked to become an engineer. Capricorn was resourceful and ambitious.

There was Aqua, who wanted to become a writer to find a way to express her true emotions.

There was Pisces who wanted to be a make up artist. It was perfect for her, as she was artistic and imaginative.

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