A Frog, a Prince, and an Unexpected Kiss

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Chapter 2

     My eyes wandered the halls trying to look for him. Still, I haven't caught his name. I wished I did though, but not for stalking matters. I wasn't going to Google him online or something. That's seriously creepy...

     "Who are you looking for," Jackie suddenly asked interrupting my thoughts.

     My eyes flickered to her, who was standing beside me with a broadened smile and curious eyes. "No one," I said too quickly.

     She rolled her eyes, looking incredulous and slightly irritated. "You suck at lying. Plus, I know that look. You're looking for someone, obviously, a guy." She smiled. "Tell me. Who is it?"

     I shrugged, unwilling to tell her. I could imagine her expression if I told her. She would probably look disgusted and will think I'm insane. "It's no one," I said.  

     "I know who it is. It's totally Ryan," she squealed. "You guys are so cute together. You finally realized it!"

     I stopped myself from rolling my eyes and faked a smile, "Sure. I was looking for him, because I have to tell him that my best friend wants him."

     "Yes, I knew it," she yelled excitingly. "You have to set me up with Liam. Then we would have a double–wait. What did you say? I'm your best friend!"

     "Exactly," I said biting my lip, trying to hold my laughter.

     "I do not like Ryan," she exclaimed. "I'm totally in rooting for Payan."

     "What's Payan," I asked.

     She looked at me like I was stupid.  "Paige and Ryan," she said. "What else?"

     "That is so ugly," I stated. Payan isn't even a name! Plus, it sounds weird.

     She rolled her eyes. "Fine, you guys are called Raige."

     "I think we should be called Rage, so I can show my rage and irritation towards you for being annoying! Seriously, I only think of Ryan as a friend. Also, he isn't really my type. I don't think he's even interested in me."  I'm lying, I know he likes me. He acts nervous around me and he acts like another Ryan when I'm around him. I think it's cute, but I still don't think he's my type. He's still a jerk when I'm not around.  

      She scoffed. "You got to be kidding. He likes you and you just don't want to admit you like him! You guys are meant to be together."

     "Whatever," I said not really caring.

     "If you weren't looking for him, who were you even looking for," she asked.

      "No one," I lied. "I just wanted to look around. Is that so wrong?"

     "It's wrong to lie about it. You were looking for someone and you need to tell me–oh no," she stopped, looking at me with widened eyes and her mouth gaping.  

     I closed my eyes. No, I thought. I do not want her to know because of the disappointment and disapproval she'll have. I don't want to witness disgust in her face. It's not that I'm embarrassed to tell her, it's because I dislike it when she judges and says things I defiantly don't want to know.

     "You're looking for Liam," she shouted. "I shot gunned him! Not fair," she whined. "He's going to go for you instead of me! Ugh, why do you have to ruin everything?"

     I stared at her, stunned of her sudden outburst. That was unexpected, I thought.

    "God, Paige," she yelled. "What kind of friend are you?"

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