Chapter 2: "New or Tenkousei?"

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Yeshh o.o hai there, I decided to update anyways. Cause many reasons. Despite me being really busy today, luckily I managed my time ~

By the way, there's an old fanart of Karma and Nagisa, by Miwashiba, my favorite artist and producer ☆

By the way, there's an old fanart of Karma and Nagisa, by Miwashiba, my favorite artist and producer ☆

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I know the quality sucks, sorry XD also, "tenkousei" means transfer student.


[Yukari/Reader-chan's POV]

I prepared myself for today... a new day for me in Kunugigaoka. It's undeniable that this made me nervous. As I breathed in and out slowly, my feet ventured the long path up to 3-E.

"G-Good morning..." I half-whispered, entering the classroom that seemed to have their eyes on me.

"Ah, good morning Arisawa-san, would you like to continue yesterday's introduction?~" the octopus asked politely with his usual, creepyish smile. As I expected, they want a proper introduction...

before starting, I nodded and walked in front of the class. Lowering my gaze and blushing faintly, I said,

"I-It would sound weird if I didn't include this so.. Once again.. m-my name is Arisawa Yukari. S-Sorry for suddenly falling from the ceiling yesterday.. I'm kind of.. a-a new student here! I was scared of starting my first day which is today, s-so I decided to watch the class is.. a-and I think it's pretty friendly, so I'm okay with being here!~ Nice to meet you all!"

Friendly smiles appeared on the students' faces. I smiled as well, showing comfort and happiness.

And then I overheard a boy whisper to his friend. "But why is she put in the End Class? From her looks, she doesn't seem to be a rebel or an idiot."

"W-Well, ermm.. I-I'd like to admit that I'm quite birdbrained.. Ever since we moved.. My parents were worried about me getting bullied by my classmates, s-so, I didn't go to any school for first and second year. B-But eventually they thought.. graduation is important, so they enrolled me here.. and since I'm an.. i-idiot.." I explained frustratedly.

Then it hit me how I was answering their whispers.

"Gasp-- I, I'm sorry! Very sorry!" words blurted out.

Well, nice to meet you, I'm Koro-sensei, fufufu~" the one who introduced him--itself as Koro-sensei responded. I smiled again and extended my hand to him, requesting a friendly handshake. As he responded positively by shaking my hand, I noticed the class were staring, as if they were expecting something to happen.

After a while and nothing seems odd to them, they sighed.

"Uh, Arisawa-san, aren't you going to attack Koro-sensei?" a short, blue-haired boy asked me. "W-Why? Isn't he our teacher?.." I raised my eyebrows confusedly.

The whole class palmfaced. "You're kidding me.."

The teacher beside me only chuckled and asked the short boy to explain.

~after explaining.~

"I-I see.. b-but I can't utilise weapons properly, nor can I attack physically.." I sighed in disappoinment.  "Don't worry about that, Yukari-chan! Someone teaches us how to do it. You'll learn quickly!" A girl whom I recognized as Kayano cheered me up.

"Now now, she needs to sit down on her desk-- which, sadly enough, doesn't exist. We need to get an extra desk." Koro-sensei spoke to the class. "For now... who doesn't mind to share a seat?"

A bunch of "I don't!"-s were heard.

"Well Arisawa-san, pick someone you would like to share a seat with." teacher told me. I thought for a few seconds and decided to go to Kayano's. I walked to her desk with a small smile while she moves her sitting position to give my space. Sitting myself down and paying attention to the soon continuing class.

This is where my new life starts..


"What's your favorite subject?"


"Can you sit with me in the next period?"

"U-Um.. s-sure.."

"Want some of my snacks? Here!"


"Do you stutter all the time, geez?"



Many of my classmates talked to me today. And Kayano's indeed very nice to me! As I stepped out the classroom along with the other students, I thought about how tomorrow would go.

~meanwhile, in the principal office..~

"How could you?"

"Apologies, sir. I had tried my best, however, that Karma boy had to ruin it.."

"I cannot trust you with this.."

"Sir, please let me continue.. I promise, you will only see this mission completed.. clean and perfectly."

"And if not?"

"About that.. I will leave it to your decision."

"Fine. Don't disappoint me."


[Yukari/Reader-chan's POV.]

I sighed and looked up to the principal office. That man...


I know it's short, sorry... and Karma didn't get any part in this. Lol. I'm sorry. anyways yeah, this is the start.

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