DAY 19

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Calum and I only had another three days (including today) to be dating before we got engaged. That didn't mean we had to get engaged on the twenty-first day of our relationship, though.

I had stayed at Calum's apartment the night before. I was laying right next to him when I heard the door to the apartment open.

I slowly got out of bed and walked out of Calum's room to see that Callie was the one who had walked into the apartment. She walked in with someone else, though. It was Luke.

"Callie, what are you doing?" I asked her. She had ahold of Luke's hand and she wasn't looking at me until I spoke.

"I, uh, I didn't tell you? You, um, you.. you didn't know?" She stuttered.

I shook my head, as if it was obvious. She looked at me, then at Luke, then down at their interlaced fingers. She smiled at me.

I heard someone slowly sauntering through the hall towards me. A sleepy Calum came up behind me and put his arm around my waist.

"You two are, uh, together?" He asked, confusedly looking at me, then back at them.

"Yeah," Callie finally answered for sure. I smiled. I liked her and Luke together. What would happen, though, when Michael found out? He wouldn't be very happy. He really loves Callie. I guess if you love someone, you have to let them go sometimes.

"Have you guys been together since-" Calum began to ask, but he was cut off by Luke.

"Yesterday. Only yesterday," he answered. Calum and I both nodded.

"What will happen when Mi-" I began to ask Callie, but I was interrupted by a voice from behind me.

"Luke? What the fuck, bro?" Michael came out from his room and walked past me. He stood in front of Luke and glared at him.

"Michael, I swear-"

"Let me guess, Callie.. You just wanted an excuse to break up with me so you could date Luke. That was the whole reason why you falsely accused me of cheating because you were cheating?" Michael got mad at Callie and not Luke.

"No, Mikey, not at all.. I swear I saw you with another girl. Plus, I was never cheating on you. Luke talked to me after you and I broke up. We really started talking at that time, and we became a couple just yesterday," Callie explained.

"Just yesterday, huh?" Michael scoffed, not believing Callie.

"Michael, I promise it was just yesterday," Luke told Michael.

"Well, Luke, you still broke the bro code. You don't date your best friends ex, especially just a few days after they broke up. That's just not cool," Michael scowled.

"I'm sorry, Michael.. It just happened," Luke shrugged.

Michael rolled his eyes and walked back into his room. Why was he acting like that? I understand that Luke was dating the girl he loves, but he doesn't need to act like that.

I talked to Callie a little more about Luke. She seemed to "really like Luke" now, and I hoped that lasted. They were cute together.

"Lilli, come back into my room and get your sundress on that you had picked out. We're leaving soon," Calum told me, pulling me towards his room.

"Okay," I nodded and pulled my arm out of his grasp. I followed him and got changed into the sundress I had brought from my apartment to wear for what Calum and I were doing that day. At the time, I didn't know what we were doing. Calum had kept it a secret and just didn't want to tell me at all.

Calum was wearing a nice outfit, nicer than he'd usually wear. He grabbed my hand and led me out to his car. He let me in the passenger's seat before getting into the driver's seat himself.

Calum began to drive off, still not giving me any hint to where we were going. I was left to think the whole ride to wherever it was we were going. I couldn't stop making guesses on where we were going. I asked Calum a few times if my guesses were right, but he told me that he wouldn't tell me either way, if they were right or if they were wrong.

I just sat back in my seat and looked around. From the things that I saw, we could be going anywhere. He could unexpectedly turn one way and we'd be going a completely different route than before.

"Get this on," Calum told me, handing me a blindfold. I unfolded it from the way it was folded, then folded it in a way that I could place it on my head.

I tied the blindfold around my head, and now I couldn't see where we were driving.

Calum stopped the car a few minutes later and told me he would help me out of the car. When he opened my car door, I immediately felt cool air coming from outside. I could tell that when I stepped out of the car, I wasn't walking on pavement or stones, but I was walking on grass.

Calum led me a little farther from the car. Soon, he let go of my hand. A second or two later, he told me to take the blindfold off.

When I took the blindfold off, my eyes were greeted by light and a stunning scenery. I looked around and saw pretty trees, a beautiful river, and so much more. But most important, right in front of me, I saw Calum, bent down on one knee, holding a box open towards me.

"Lilliana, I know we've known each other for less than three weeks, but will you marry me?" Calum smiled at me. I couldn't say no. I definitely wouldn't say no.

"Yes," I nodded, smiling back at him, "Yes, I will marry you."

Calum stood up from his position and hugged me. His lips placed themselves on mine, and I knew I couldn't have had a better fiancé. The past nineteen days had been the best days of my life. I was expecting it to me twenty-one days, but it only took nineteen to fall completely in love with Calum Thomas Hood.



Hey everyone! Thank you for reading this story!!! I was going to add another part to it, but I decided I wouldn't. I know, I'm sorry.. I hoped you liked all that's here and tell me if you would ever like another part, maybe an epilogue or something like that. Just comment if you would like that! Love you all:)

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