Chapter 1

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(No Spoilers for the chapter) Overview - Nick Fury has been keeping an eye on New York's friendly neighborhood Spiderman. What happened to the fun-loving super hero after his fight with Electro? Why did he suddenly disappear and then reappear 5 months later? Fury wants more answers, and who better than the World's Mightiest Heros?  

S.H.E.I.L.D Headquarters 

9:25 A.M. 

"You called us here for what reason, Fury? We all have better stuff to do then to look for your extra eye patch." Tony laid back on his chair. Fury rolled his eye. The Avengers were all assembled in the conference room. 

"I gathered you all today to find the vigilante, known, as Spiderman." There was a silence in the room.

"I thought he died," Pietro said, looking at Nick Fury questioningly. Fury shook his head, and pressed a button. The Avengers glanced at the screen to the right of them. It showed Spiderman and multiple videos of him in action. 

"No, the only person who died was Gwen Stacy. Spiderman tried to save her, but wasn't fast enough." Natasha informed, reading the report papers Fury had given her. There was an eerie silence that split the room. 

"And a year before that, Captain Stacy was the only victim of The Lizard. Wow, the Stacy family must really hate Spiderman," Tony finished. Steve looked at the information in front of him. 

"He finally showed his face about five months after the incident. Nobody blamed him for Miss Stacy's life.. I don't know what happened to him, but I want to know. He recently took down the Rhino after he rampaged the city; the crook's in jail now. Nobody knows why he came back, get that information too." Nick said, eyeing all of them. 

"Okay so what do we know about him?" when Steve got some weird looks, he elaborated. "About him personally." Fury ruffled up his few papers he had not given them, then quickly looked up. 

"He is about 5'10, approximately 150 pounds, and he has brown eyes and hair," Fury glanced up from his papers. Sam spoke up. 

"And...?" he waved for Fury to go on. Fury shrugged and closed his eyes. 

"And.. that's it. The kid's done a pretty damn good job at keeping his identity a secret. He was shot and paralyzed by the cops. They cuffed him, and took off his mask. A millisecond afterwards, he took out about 7 different cops. Then after that, he got shot on his right thigh, and still took down the Lizard. Point is, the kid's skilled. So be cautious when you approach him." He saw nine mouths gaping at him. Nick shrugged.

"You find a way to get him on your team, that is, if you all agree to letting him on your team," Nick eyed them. With one look, the nine people in the room nodded eagerly. They did want this kid on their team. 

"Then find him." With that last statement, Fury left the conference room for the Avengers to talk strategy.  

"Meet me at Avenger Tower at 10. We'll talk there," Tony said, standing up. When he got eight heads nodding, he left the airship in his Iron Man suit. 

Queens, Parker's Residents 

8:58 A.M

"Peter! Wake up! You'll be late for school!" Aunt May's voice rang through the small house. Peter's head shot up. 

"Uh... Coming Aunt May!" he took off his half black-burnt mask. He looked in the mirror and groaned. His face was all black and smoked up. He had a few huge and a few small burns on his face, hands, arms and legs. Last night had been burning. 

"Requesting all backup, there is a fire on 7183, North Eastwood Boulevard. Citizens are inside and cannot get out. I repeat, requesting all backup."  Spiderman listened on his police tracker. Looking around, he shot a web at the nearest building and started to the fire scene. 


Spiderman flung throw the city. Okay... so it said North Eastwood Boulevard. Would that be a right or a left...? He heard a scream to his left. Left it is! He jumped off the building, finding his way as fast as he could. He found the house and the flames eating up the wood hungrily. Taking a deep breath, he jumped, head first. 

"Hello?" he yelled as wood fell in front of him. "Can anyone hear me?" he whimpered at the end of his sentence, as a flying piece of burnt wood smacked him in the arm. He heard a low 'help me..' in the corner of the room. 

"Yes, yes! That's very good, keep talking to me!" he heard a low whimper. 'Save the kids...' Why are the kids always the last ones out of the building? Anyone every heard the expression, 'Ladies and Children first'? He walked towards the voice, and saw a shape lying on the ground. He hulled the small women onto his back, and found a closed window. 

"Hold on tight, okay?" the women let out a small, 'okay'. Taking a deep breath, Spiderman jumped right through the window. A loud smash made the police turn around in alarm. Spiderman gave them the small distressed women. She mouthed, 'children', and Spiderman headed back in. 

"Hello! Anyone here?" His Spider-sense went haywire, and he turned just in time to see himself be smacked with the burning piece of wood. He let out a huge yelp before shaking his head. His mind cleared, he glanced around. He choked on smoke, and headed towards the open door. He heard a small whine. He stepped slowly forwards, towards the closet. Before he got a meter closer to it, he foot broke through the wood floor. He fell halfway, his body holding him in place. He winced as he felt the burnt wood burn through his suit. Great, I'm going to have to stitch this, you know. Thank you Mother Nature! I love you so much! He stood up, wincing at the sharp pain. He opened the closet door to find a teen holding a smaller, younger boy. She glanced up in horror, then her expression soon turned into relief. 

"Help us, please." She held the smaller boy closer to her chest, and Spiderman picked them both up. 

"Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" He ran through the broken-down house. Sooner than he expected, he found the flashing red and blue lights of the police cars in front of him. He gave the older women the two children. 

"T-Thank you!" She gasped. Spiderman nodded and flung off. He hit is window. Of course, I forgot to leave it open. He opened it, fell onto his bed, and fell back to sleep. 

Peter smiled when he remembered the thankfulness in the old women's face when he gave her her children. Ah, good memories. He started to get up, then tripped over his mask on the floor. He groaned. This was going to be a long day.

A/N I think I might like this story more than the other one... Oh, I'm only 1,000 words in and I'm already in love with it... Don't worry, I'm not quitting on the other story. I might not update this one as regularly as I will the first story.. I'm determined to finish the other story but this plot-line got stuck in my head, and I couldn't just drop it like that. 

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