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The Legend of the Rose

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden. She stands out from the rest of the other women in the land all because of her hair. Her hair was soft, luscious, and a blood red. Not only was she blessed with a beautiful face, she was also very humble & kind. Her name was Rozalin.

 She may be pretty but she was born poor. She also didnt have a family. She worked as a maid for an old lady, that lived in a tall tower. The old mistress doesnt allow Rozalin to go out or to associate herself with other people. She could only go out when she is commanded to do so. One of the reasons why the old mistress doesnt allow Rozalin to go out is because of Rozalin's beauty. She didn't want Rozalin to have someone courting her.

 One day, the old mistress went out for some errands, so Rozalin was left alone in the tower. So while Rozalin was cleaning, she peeked out the window and was mesmerized by how beautiful the outide world was. The sky was a clear blue and the grass looked healthy and alive. There were even butterflies flying around.

  "How beautiful", she whispered. 

 Then she thought of going outside. She hesitated for a while. But then, when she spotted the attractive flowers, she got pulled in. She felt like wanting to touch it and smell its aroma, so her body automatically went for the door. She did what she desired and thought, "Flowers are really beautiful. Not only that but they smell really good. They deserve to be displayed."

So with that in thought, she picked up a few of the flowers and brought it back home. She placed the flowers on the dining table. She smiled at what she did.

Without her knowing, a handsome young man had watched everything. Just one glance of seeing Rozalin, he was entranced by her beauty. He had the intention of wooing and courting the young maiden.

 The old lady had came back from her task and she spotted the newly-picked flowers on the dining table. Shock was what she felt the minute she saw the flowers. She thought that maybe Rozalin had went out. So she ordered Rozalin to go to her room. 

The old mistress then went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She had the thought of killing Rozalin all because she disobeyed her orders. She definitely planned to murder her. From the window, there was somebody who was watching the old lady. He heard everything she had said to herself. He had heard the old lady of murdering someone. And in his instincts, he felt like he should save the person who was about to get killed.

 So the young man climbed up the tower. He quicky found the window where Rozalin was at. And then came in and said, "Quickly! You must leave! Someone is devising a plan to kill you!"

Rozalin immediatley trusted the young man. So they both left the tower and escaped. From the window, the old lady saw the couple escape. Anger bubbled inside her. She quickly got her knife and threw it at Rozalin from the window. The young man saw that the knife was heading for Rozalin so he quicky covered Rozalin with his body and got hit with the knife instead. Rozalin looked up to where the old lady was and saw that she vanished out of thin air. Probably to escape the responsibility that she has killed the young man. 

The young man fell to the ground. Rozalin saw the knife that was about to take his life. She fell to her knees and hugged him. Tears were coming out of her eyes. She didn't even know the man, he saved her with his life. She cried all night. She prayed to God hoping he'd take her life too. She didn't want to live if the man who saved her wasn't alive.

 So the next day, the young man disappeared. And so did Rozalin. A new object formed from where Rozalin and the young man was lying. It was a flower. A beautiful red flower. Not only was it beautiful but it had thorns around its stem.

The new flower smelled good and it was as attractive as Rozalin.

Though its stems had thorns that could cut anyone who tried to harm the flower.

The beautiful flower represented Rozalin. While the thorns represented her savior.

These flowers were then later called Roses.

The end.

*NOTE: This is only a LEGEND that I made-up xD*

*Sorry if I had bad and horrible grammar.*

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