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Do NOT fuck with her.

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{Mark's P.O.V.}

I watched my lil sister lay on that girl. Supposedly they'd been together for a year & some months & by the looks of it, they was two happy ass motherfuckers. Ma'Kayla just ain't like that. I honestly ain't give a damn. My lil sister smart, so i don't give a damn who she fuckin' & what she lookin' like. Should I ? I had love for the kid, but it was so damn amusin' to make her lil ass mad. She starts yelling & clenching her fist. Hillarious shit, right there.

"Y'all can go in the other room." Monte said. "Ima be in there in a minute."

"I needa holla at you tho." I stared at her to let her know it was serious shit. She kissed Shae's cheek & walked to the bathroom in her room. From there, she went into her art studio. I just followed. She sat on the desk & looked at me.

"Ion give a damn who you fuckin' or who you in love with. Ma'Kayla controlling ass tryna spill my drug lord buisness, if ion do wtf she want. That includes fuckin' up your life & datin' her homegirl. I said, leaning on the wall. "She tried to keep this a secret, but I found out. Remember Pop ?"

"Lived in the bricks, right ?"

"Yea." I nodded. " Your big sis almost had homie baby. I found out a month ago, but this happened years ago. I took care of him for disrespect & stealing from me, Sunday."

Monte stared at me, then stood up. I watched her grab a pencil & start drawing. She glanced at me out the side of her eye.

"I'm listening."

"Daddy don't know 'bout this lil baby incident. None of us sposed to know. Just like, y'all ain't sposed to be involved in my lil buisness." I watched her quickly draw out something, then continued. "Come to find out, perfect big sis in there 3 months pregnant by homie, again. She made him steal from me, cause she ain't want me to know."

She held up a drawing of a car. "This the car he was in, when you killed him ?" She asked. I stared at it. Lil sis had skills. That was the exact car. I nodded & she pushed me against the wall & put a gun to my stomach.

"What the fuck you doing ?!" I yelled. I ain't expect this from her, in this house, so i left my weapons in the car.

"Shut the fuck up, bruh." She said through gritted teeth. "I was out there that night, bitch." I looked at her. Her forearm was against my neck, choking the shit outta me. She loosened up on me.

"What the fuck was you doing out there ?!" I questioned her, as quiet as possible.

"Don't fuckin' worry 'bout it, bitch." She tightened up again & put the gun down. I hated being called a bitch. I swung at her & she quickly backed up & ducked down, making me miss. I tried to grab her, but she hit me in my balls. I was 'bout to fall to the floor, when she stood up & uppercutted me & kneeed me in the head. She pushed me down & I fell. She kneeled down next to me on one knee, pulled out a knife, & put it against my throat.

"Put my girl in danger again & I promise you ima take yo' fuckin' adam's apple out, boy." I stared at her. "Now, next time you wanna play big man & kill a nigga, make sure you do it right & take him to a warehouse. Don't leave untrusted witnesses around, bitch. & Never in your goddamn life put me, my family, or my fuckin' girl's life in danger. Espeacially, my girl life. I ain't playing with yo' ass, Mark. I will personally gut yo' wanna be ass if something happened to her, because of yo' stupid ass. Do NOT fuck with her. I don't give a damn if its a broken arm. Her arm broke cause of you ? I'm guttin' yo' shit." With that, she stood up & grabbed my shirt, pulling me up. She pointed to the door & I walked out into her bedroom.

How the hell could my lil sister put so much goddamn fear in me ?! I watched as she layed next to Shae & held her. Shae & Ma'Kayla were starin' each other down. I noticed Ma'Kayla was breathing heavy. I looked at her good & saw a scratch or two in her neck. I looked at Shae. She was straddling Monte, rubbing her shoulders while Monte was moving Shae's hair out of her face. Monte had pure love in her eyes & I knew she'd give her life for this girl. Monte started rubbing her arms after she said she was cold. They were softly talking & Monte was smiling.

I rubbed my neck. It was hurting from being choked. I watched Ma'Kayla storm out & sat on a chair in their room. Shae leaned down & started pecking Monte on her lips. Monte gave her kisses back each time. I realized Shae was her literal ride or die. I ain't have that. I wanted it, though. My R.O.D got fed up with my lies & bs. I missed her, but I wasn't finna admit that shit to her. I got up & went in the room Ma'kayla was in. I layed down & fell asleep on one of the beds.

{Ma'Kayla P.O.V.}

I watched Mark & Monte walk out. I looked over at Shae. She was texting. I walked out the room to the guest room, so i could go put on some bed clothes. As I pulled on my shirt, I heard laughing in the next room. It sounded like, Monte's best friend, Jay. I walked to her room door & peeked inside. Shae had her head on Jay's stomach & they were laughing. I looked over & Jay's girl was sleep. I smirked & walked to the guest room. Sure, you love my sister, hoe.

A few minutes later, I heard Shae & Monte's door close, so I got up & went in there. Shae was on the phone. I took the phone, hung up on whoever, & dropped it on the bed. "Look, I know you & Jay got somethin' goin' on, so tell Monte before I do." I said.

"Excuse me ?" She said, looking from her phone to me.

"I ain' stutter, girl. Tell. Her. Before. I. Do." As I spoke, I got in her face. She stared at me for a minute, then smirked.

" What exactly do you believe you saw going on between me and Jay ?" She stood. "Jay and Monte are best friends & I'm deeply in love with your sister. I would & could never do anything of that sort to Monte. That's the love of my life. My everything. So I truly advise you not to fuck with that or doubt my feelings for her."

" I advise yo' skanky ass not to be laughin' & layin' on people looking all coupled up." I steped closer. "Especially when you claim to be so damn in love, dyke." With that being said I was ready to walk away, so I started to. I turned around and started walking towards the door. I felt Shae punch the side of my head. Like a right hook. I took a step forward & turned around. I swung at her, but she was faster. She ducked down, quickly. She kept her hits above the neck, but  I continued dodging them. She got tired of it & pushed me on the bed, digging her nails into my neck.

"First of all, I'm no skank. Get that clear. Second, I sure as hell ain' no fuckin' dyke. I'm a  femme, sweetheart. Understand that. Third, Watch who the fuck you talking to." She heard Monte & Mark comin' back, so she let me up. We stood there face to face. I was breathing hard. They walked in, as she plopped down on the bed. I swear this lil girl get on my nerves ! If I wasn't pregnant, she would be dead by now. Ughh !

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