Eleven - If I die I want a pink body bag

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Eleven - If I die I want a pink body bag

Vincent's POV


The one word repeating over and over in my head.     

"Aria, please come out." I say softly, banging my knuckles against the wooden door.

I hear her quietly crying and I sigh, leaning my forehead against the door.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I let my guard down in front of her. Why did I kiss her? I'm such an idiot.

She can use this against me. If anyone finds out about this, even Cody or Daniel, I am fucked. I'm the most wanted man in America, even a few other countries. I can't have any weaknesses. Love is not a word in my vocabulary, neither is guilt nor pain. I may feel physical pain, when people shoot me and all that but never emotionally.

Then why am I regretting this?

I used to be like steel, hard to break. Now I feel like ice, touch me and I'll melt.

"Aria." I say through gritted teeth, "If you dont open this bathroom door, I will knock the it over." I state.




I smash my leg against the door and Aria looks up in shock. Her skin is pale and she looks like she has seen a ghost. "Stupid girl, I was scared you got hurt." I mutter, walking towards her.

I reach my hand out to wipe away the tears on her cheeks but she backs away from me like I might burn her. A pang of hurt hits my chest but I push it away like it was never there.

Bringing my hand back down to my side, I let my emotions disappear. I should have known better than to care about a girl. I have power, I don't need to care about her, I can just use her.


Aria's POV

I search his face for any emotions but they're gone. His face looks like a stone as he watches me.

I am still too shocked to believe what happened. Vincent kissed me! His lips were so soft but the kiss was so aggressive. He tasted like sugar and I wanted more but it was impossible.

When he kissed me, I pushed him away from me and slapped him across the face. It was probably the stupidest thing I have ever done and I realized a few seconds later so I ran and locked myself in the bathroom that was conjoint to Vincent's room.

I'm terrified of him. He can kill me and hide my body in a place I will never be found.

If I die I want a pink body bag and I definitely don't want to be dumped in some trash can where I will never be found again.

Vincent walks towards me and I walk backwards until my back hits the wall. "Aria." he says, angrily.

He slams his hands on the wall behind me, trapping me, "I want you to understand something now. You are mine. I do not care if you are going to fight me about it. I am stronger than you and I have you're brother. If you do anything wrong, I will kill your brother in front of you, understood?" he whispers, leaning down and kissing my neck.

I nod and shiver, "Y-yes." I whisper.

"Call me master." he commands, his warm breath fanning against my neck.

"Yes master." I whisper in reply.

"What are you?" he breaths against my neck.

"I'm yours." I whisper.

He leans away from me, "Good girl. Now don't talk to me unless I talk to you and I don't want to see you until we leave for London later today." he says and leaves me alone in the bathroom.

I stand there frozen, staring at the broken door as my hands shake with fear. What just happened?

I'm the gang leaders possession.


Yeah, this was a short chapter as well, I just wanted this separately and so it is shorter than normal. I hope you enjoyed anyway <3

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