Frisk's Story of Sean and Chara

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•Frisk's POV•

"Knock, knock!"

I jumped at the sudden voice and looked around. Papyrus was standing in the threshold, and laughed.

"Damn, Frisk. You must've been really knocked out before we came," Sans said, sniggering.

A girl with neon green hair, electric purple eyes, and a backpack walked in after Sans and Papyrus. A boy with brown hair and blue eyes followed behind her.

"Frisk, I'd like you to meet Lunar and Derrick," Papyrus said, gesturing to the girl and the boy.

"Uh... Hi," I said, standing up.

I was sleeping with my head on the table, since I stayed up late last night trying to get some work done.

Lunar and Derrick both shook hands with me, and we all sat on the sofa.

"Now tell me, Frisk... What do you know about Sean Buckle?" Sans asked me.

I gulped.

I had already figured that was the reason why everyone was here. To ask questions about the mysterious fallen human whose biggest desire was to take over the Underground.

And then suddenly, I don't know why, but I started crying. "C-Chara turned over to h-him after he wanted t-to k-kill... M-me... I a-almost b-bled to d-death..."

I gulped again, feeling hot tears stream down my face.

"So, Chara turned to him and didn't try to save you?" Papyrus asked. I nodded my head as tears fell into my lap.

"And I t-thought s-she loved m-me..." I said. "But I-I was c-clearly w-wrong." I wiped my tears away, soaking my sleeve.

"Thank you for telling us, Frisk. But besides asking you about Sean, would you like to accompany us on showing Lunar around?" Papyrus asked. I nodded my head and said,

"How about you guys stay at my house for tonight before we head out? I know it's still morning, but maybe we could go to Grillby's?" I asked.

Sans looked at Papyrus, Papyrus looked at Lunar, and Lunar looked at Derrick.

"We'd love to!" Derrick said, and I suppressed a grin.

I looked at everyone and said, "But anyways... I've got loads more to tell about Sean..."

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