The Question Of The Heart

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The Question Of The Heart:

Shall we stay this way forever? Or will we rot and disappear? The sun shines down ever so bright, it's rays above shinning my escape, for your eyes glow in the light, the vision haunting all my nights. I can still hear your voice, it calls my name and my tears fall heavy, mixed with the rain. 

Oh how I dream of your touch, hands holding mine. I rest my head against your chest listening to your heartbeat matching mine. Alas! How I wish that you can see, just how much you truly mean to me. Papercuts all over my skin, my blood slowly drips from deep within. I do not notice, nor do I care, because life without you would be like lungs with no air. 

Shall we stay this way forever? Or will we rot and disappear? 

It matters not for I will still be here. I'll sit on this cliff and watch as the sun sinks down to make way for the moon. The dwidling rays lighting my pen while I write, and think of you.

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