Chapter: 2

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Adam's POV

Mitch and Jerome sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes human/bacca mixed abomination in an abomination carriage.

Jerome's POV

*An hour-ish later*

Despite my depressing attitude, we are still managing to have fun. Right now, Ty is showing us some really funny pictures but im not really paying attention. Im still thinking about Mitch. I know its bad of me to be crushing on someone only a few weeks after a break-up but he makes me feel like im in heaven. Every time i look at his beautiful face, i get lost in his eyes. Lost in those beautiful brown ey-"

"Jerome look at this one" Adam erupts in hysterical laughter "oh my god Jerome, Ty has the funniest pictures of us when we were younger XD" Him and Ty continue to giggle, but Mitch is sitting beside them but not participating. He looked at me but quickly looked back at the floor.

"Hey guys ima grab us some snacks. Adam help be carry shit." Mitch says.

"hm? oh ok sure thing buddy." Adam stands and follows Mitch into the kitchen. as soon as they are gone Ty turns to me.

"We can all see somethings wrong Jerome. And I think i know what....." All of the sudden, without warning, Ty hugs me tightly. and whispers in my ear, "I know what its like, thinking they don't love you back. But you cant give up hope. Not ever, I know I never will."

Mitch's POV

As soon as Adam and I reach the kitchen, he starts nudging me with his elbow. "so, are you and Jerome a thing?"

"Adam i told you already. me and Jerome aren't dating." I tried my best to hold back the blushing. but it obviously didn't work.

"Listen, dood. With Jerome you have to make the first move. His old boyfriend Quintin had a crush on Jerome for years, and Jerome knew it too. But he was to afraid to ask him out because they were both scared of what the other person would say. I think you are like that also." He paused and I sighed "I can tell you guys would be good for each other. Jerome needs someone he can talk to," Adam puts his elbows on the counter and his head in his hands.

"Thanks Adam, that means a lot." It still didnt change the fact that i am not worthy enough to love someone like him. Im just a weird dude with a normal skin. And Jerome is a freaking bacca for Notch's sake! Hes so awesome.... no way he will ever like me.

Ty's POV

As soon as Mitch and Adam came back with the snacks, Adam motioned with his hands to follow him. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled my into the kitchen.

"dude, we have to get Mitch and Jerome together, they would be such a cute couple"

"I agree, but at the same time. maybe we should let love take its course you know?" He looked confused, "just let it happen on its own."

"aw fine. i guess that's for the best." He pulled me toward the living room but before we got within earshot of the two lovebirds, he whispered, "If they ask, say we were making out." Before i had time to react, Adam pushed me into the living room. At this point my face was cherry red and im sure they didnt need an expanation.

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