Gabe's POV-

I hadn't meant to ask Lilly to go home with me and Ryan so suddenly. But when I saw her dancing around her back yard in those super short cut offs while listening to my favorite song, it was like something in me snapped into a million pieces. My body couldn't be controlled that was for sure. I couldn't believe those things I had said to Lilly, not that she didn't seem to appreciate them. That's how I found myself on her couch making out like two teenagers Again.

Not that I was complaining. God knows this beauty did something to my insides every time she looked at me with those dark brown bedroom eyes, I feel to pieces. I couldn't help staring up at her as she still straddled my lap. I should probably look away.

"Your staring again Gabe" Lilly was smiling down at me.

"I know, got a problem with that little lady?" I made sure my southern drawl was as thick as maple syrup. I just knew that always got to her.

"That's not fair your accent is like a fine wine. I can never stay upset with you whenever I hear that voice of yours. Its so deep and then you just poor on that drawl. Its son not fair." Lilly crossed her arms over her chest and stuck out her bottom lip.

I really did hate pouting, but there was just something about seeing Lilly doing it that made it look sexy some how.

"Don't pout. And I like your accent too."

I had to laugh at the face Lilly made when I told her not to pout. It was like she didn't hear my complement at all.

"So what is it with you not liking pouting? I remember you disciplining Ryan for that when you too came into the bakery last week." Lilly asked as she unfolded her arms and looked me in the eye.

I really didn't want to have to talk anymore about my ex Mia, but if I wanted anything real with Lilly I knew I would have to open up.

"I don't like pouting because my ex Mia would pout over everything. And I mean everything Lilly. I can remember the day we found out we were having Ryan. The women had the nerve to throw a damn tantrum because she wasn't having a girl, and her little sister was having a baby girl so why couldn't she have one too. I remember being so embarrassed by her in that moment. Here we were just given some of the best news new parents could here we were having a healthy baby boy, and she's falling apart and pissed at the world like a God damn five year old." I was getting annoyed just remembering that day, it had been from over five years ago.

I could tell Lilly was surprised by my story, and my anger over having to tell it.

"Do you think she got so upset because she was super hormonal from being pregnant? Not that I'm trying to take her side, I'm just wondering." Lilly said smirking.

"Trust me it wasn't pregnancy hormones. Mia was always throwing tantrums over something, but the pregnancy made it all so much worse." I had to shack my head. I really don't know how me and her had lasted so dame long as a couple.

"Than why did you marry her? It sounds like you always new she was a difficult one."

"Ryan. Me and Mia were on the frits for a while and had finally deiced to part ways. But I was living with her at the time so I had to move out of her place in order to make things official. So I went over to pick up my stuff, and lets just say we decided to do it one last time for the road. Bad idea the condom broke and a month later when Mia was late I knew I had to step up to the plate and be a man."

Lilly shock her head running her thumb over my bottom lip. I could tell by the look on her face she was holding something back.


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