The first piece of evidence I ever found was a torn cloth in the library. I remember clearly what I had said to Tommy, when he suggested we worked together. And how are we supposed to find whoever this is with nothing, but a piece of cloth? I had asked him, I never thought that it would end up being such solid evidence.

The day Ethan was attacked I had found Victoria, standing outside the library, frozen in fear. The attacker had been wearing black, that I know from my own experience when I had been attacked after leaving Professor Ward's office only weeks before. Professor Ward was not present in the library when Ethan was attacked, and when I looked back on it, I don't remember seeing him at Katie's attack. When Cora had been attacked, I remember in the blur of emotion and confusion, he was late. Tommy had told me he had seen Gabriel with a pendant bearing the mark that was on the other victims. Had Professor Ward given that to him? And why, this whole time, were we looking for a student?

I close the door to the fire classroom behind me, panic beginning to set in. I am aware of how close I am to Professor Ward and his classroom. He had attacked me once, why wouldn't he do it again? I race from the corridor, my head spinning and my heart racing. I have to make it to The Hall, I have to warn the others, I have to get to Tommy. We need a plan, we need to tell someone, we have to stop him.

I reach the end of the corridor and I am turning the corner when I slam into a dark figure in front of me. The breath is knocked out of me as I fall painfully to the cold ground. In front of me I can see a pair of black boots, and as my gaze travels up the figure, fear turns my veins to ice, freezing me in my place.

"Now you know better than to run down corridors, Isabella." The voice from underneath the hood is Professor Ward's, void of any emotion and British accent. He reaches up and hesitates, before drawing the hood away from his face, revealing the familiar blond hair and face line with age. The usual light that is held in his eyes is gone, replaced with an indifferent gaze. "Some one could get hurt."

I try to scream, but the sound is lost as a cloth is placed over my face. It isn't the same sweet smell, but something stronger that makes me gag. The world around me begins to spin and darken, and before I can do anything to defend myself, everything goes black.  

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