The day a secret gets out

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I have had 200 missed calls and 350 messages from Alec, all of them trying to apologise and saying he made a mistake
A mistake my ass, I was going back to School and Jake is going to pick me up. I walk to my wardrobe and open it, I pick light blue coloured jeans, a white tank top and my denim jacket. I go to my shoes and pick my converse, my hair is up in a neat pony tail. Today I was going to prove to Alec that I didn't need him and I was moving on, plus you don't notice someone brilliant who is standing right in front of you when there is a jerk standing in front of him. Today there is a football game and Jake says I can sit close to the fields.
Beeeeeep beeep
I look out my window and there is Jake grinning up at me through the car window of his cherry red BMW sports car with a soft top. I wave at him and I walk to the door, walking down the stairs towards the door, I plan to hit Alec where it hurts, I do like Jake and I am not going to ruin our relationship by getting back at Alec, but I am not going to be like Marcie, a over the top clingy person
The sun hits me straight away when I open the door, Jake gets out the car and leans against his side of the car.
"Hey" I say walking up to him, he takes my bag off me and opens the boot and put it in next to his bag. He steps towards me
"Do I get a thank you?" He raises an eyebrow
"Do you deserve one?" I say sending a smirk while I walk to my door and open it
He grins at me as I get in
He presses the CD player button and a familiar song comes on
"Cowboys and Angels" by Dustin Lynch
"Omg" I shout and Jake looks at me
"What?" He looks confused, I point at him then to the CD player and back
"You listen to country?" His ears turn pink at the edges
" don't tell anyone, or I swear I will" he threatens
"Or what?" I ask sweetly
"I...will......" I laugh
"I love country , lady antebellum is theeeee best!!!!" I shout
"We have even more in common than I thought" he says
There's a want and there's a need
There's a history in between
Girls like her and guys like me
Cowboys and angels
We start singing in harmony
And this is how it is for the rest of the ride to school
You know how when you watch a movie and you see everyone staring at the main character in the movie? Well that was what it was like with me. When I stepped out of Jakes Cherry red BMW, the constant stares from everyone fooled me and Jake into the building, we walked to my locker ignoring all the stairs and there waiting by my locker is the rest of the boys apart from Alec, who looks occupied across the hall, with a bitch called Marcie.
"Hey guys get a load of the action?" I point to Alec and Marcie and they burst out laughing. I hold up a finger to the boys and I lean into Jake
"Watch this don't worry what is about to happen isn't what it looks like, I just want to rile him up a bit" I lean back and he nods, I walk over to the couple making out
"Alec honey? You have a bit of a mark on your neck" he snaps his attention to me and his eyes widen in shock
I point to his neck and I try to wipe at it
"Opps looks like a love bite,ohhhh you've been one busy boy" I smile sweetly at Marcie who looks pleased at herself
"It.... Isn't ...what it looks like" Alec splutters
"Oh this" I gesture between the two
"Oh it's ok honey you carry on" and I slid my fingers up his thigh and he sighs with what seems like a moan, and then in a quick motion while I lean towards his ears
"You enjoy that" he nods and I punch him where the sun doesn't shine and he groans
I hear everyone laughing
"Marcie? Honey why don't you fix poor Alec up here" who is now lying on the ground. I turn around and walk up to the boys who all have their hands up for a high five.
One for me, none for him
"Honey that was class you should have seen his face!!" Jake splutters, I look over my shoulder to a very hurt Alec and Marcie trying to play sexy nurse, god what did he even see in her? Must have been something special or maybe it was the sex yeah probably the latter. Everyone is still laughing and I swear someone is taking photos,
I walk up to the guy who took the video
"Hey can I see?" I ask holding my hand out for his phone
"Sure" he shrugs handing me the phone
There is me with Alec, trailing my hand up his thigh, his face is priceless when I kneed him in the nuggets
"Send that to me k?" The guy nods and I walk back to the boys
I open my locker and fling some of my jotters in there, I had to buy a lot and they were making my bag heavy as hell
"So I was thinking we could all go to a drive in movie tonight, I hear it's a horror" Emi says, my face drains of colour from the memory of before

Hello Freya what you doing by yourself?" Run run my mind is screaming .
He comes towards me swinging his bat, me still frozen on the spot. He has dark hair an tan skin. His eyes are like black coals. He is about my height and my age.
"Freya?" Jake puts his hand on my arm
"How do you know my name?" I demand trying to be brave.
He snarls at me
" oh Freya you stole my best friend!!!" He swings the bat at me which successfully which hits me on the head "Crack!!"
The pain is so intense, I fall to the ground, not sticky liquid comes down over my face
"Do you know how much it hurts ?!!!"he shouts hittin me on the stomach, I try to curl up in a ball to protect myself. He then kicks me in the side
I fall to my knees, the memory making me dizzy
"I want to hear you scream!!!! Scream for Emi let's hear you!!!!" He shouts hitting me again and again
"Emi!!!!!!!!!" I scream in pain the blood now soaking into my clothing turning it dark red.
"Freya!!!!" Someone shouts in the distance
Ahhhhhhhhhh I put a hand to my stomach and feel my blood leaking onto my hand and falling into the floor
The pain is too painfull for me to cope with. I feel like someone has stabbed me multiple times.
"Thats what you get bitch"he spits on me and he wacks me on the face with the bat and I feel like my nose is broken
The blackness takes over me just as I hear the stranger laugh and walk away.
I am now sobbing and Jake has me in his arms
"Freya"he murmurs in my hair, he is stroking my hair with his hand in a gentle motion, I hold on tight to him
"Emi? Where are you?" I look around for him
"I'm right here, I'll never leave you again" he takes me from Jake, Jake nods at Emi to say he understands, Emi rocks me back and forth
I stand up out of their arms
"Right lets go" I shout running as people are now staring at me, I run down the corridor leaving a very confused bunch of boys behind.
"Hello" fingers snap in my face and I am snapped out of my gaze, Mr Bell is right in my face, woah when did he get there?
"Yes sir?" I answer, he looks at me with a concerning look on his face, then turns back to the teacher face
"Miss Cathy? You ok? I asked you a question" I can hear people laughing under their breath
"Eh yeah I'm ok just family stuff you know, it would have been my grandmothers birthday today you see but she passed away recently" all the laughters died down and the room was silent. Even Alec who was trying to get my attention was silent
"Eh.......that's.... I am so sorry... To hear that" mr Bell stammers
"It's cool" I say shrugging, I haven't really been thinking about my grandmother to be honest, that sounds bad I know but my mind has been somewhere else. Before the teacher could say anything more there is a knock at the door
"Come in" Mr Bell shouts, straightening up, a woman from the office comes in with a note
"I have a message to give to Miss Freya Cathy is she here?" She looks around
Mr Bell nods and point to me, the woman comes over to me
"I have been given this message to give to you, he said it was urgent and insisted I gave it to you personally" she hands me an envelope
"He?" I ask looking at her, she smiles and nods to the envelope
"He said once you read this you would understand" she starts walking to the door and says a thank you to Mr Bell and leaves, everyone is looking at me while I open it, even MrBell looks curious
The envelope is white with a red seal
I open it carefully

Guess who has moved to town babe  :)

The colour drains from my face, please oh please don't be who I think it is, he can't show up now, why can't he leave me alone
The answer is he simply can't

There what do you think of the flash back? A couple of flash backs will be appearing through the the story, so I hope you like it
Freya is an interesting character isn't she?
What do you think about Freya's move on Alec?
And who is the mysterious guy who sent the note?
Keep reading to find out :) my wonderful readers
Cee cee xx

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