Chapter 12- Foolproof

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Melody's POV

Its Thursday today. Its been more than a month now since Tyson and I started 'dating'. I've survived. Barely, but I'm still here so I guess I'm okay.

I havent fallen in love with Tyson so I guess that's a good thing. We havent kissed since the Disney movie night. We didn't really need to.

Its kind of disappointing because he is a really good kisser but he's not my real boyfriend so I guess I can't really do anything about it.

Only two months left. Then I can graduate in peace, move to London to study and never think about any of the delinquents that go to my school ever again.

It's a foolproof plan.

"Tomorrow is prom!" Jessica, my best friend, squeals as she rummages through my closet for a pair of shoes. She was trying to hit the mailman with her shoe to get his attention because apparently he is 'really cute'. The mailman kind of kept her shoes and now she's stealing mine.

Clever Jess, throwing her shoes at a cute guy. She's something else, honestly.

"What are you wearing tomorrow." Jessica asks.

Okay, so I know I'm supposed to dress up all fancy and stuff for prom but everyone is going to look all perfect tomorrow so why should I dress up too? I mean, yeah I'll get a few compliments but that's it. I'd rather dress super fancy on a normal day so people will actually notice me.

"Ummm, my black dress." I say.

"What," Jess shouts, throwing her hands in the air, "This is blasphemy!" she states.

I chuckle. You can always count on my best friend to overreact. I lie back on my bed, sighing. I have to go with Tyson tomorrow since apparently he is my boyfriend.

"You're going with Tyson fricking McCannon! You have to wear something super hot." she states.

I shrug, "Why? He's already my boyfriend." I say. Yeah, I haven't told anybody that our relationship is fake. Not even my best friend.

"Get up, we're going shopping." she says and walks out the door. I groan and get up. Stupid prom.


Jess finishes curling my hair and takes a step back. "Très belle." she says with a grin, "You look stunning." I smile and stand up, looking in the mirror. I bought a cream dress with sequins covering the chest area.

My phone beeps and I open it

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My phone beeps and I open it. Its a message from Tyson,

Tyson McCannon, 7:30: Hey Mel, is it okay if I go to prom with someone else? :)

I sigh, of course, he ditches me half an hour before prom starts.

Me, 7:31: Yeah, sure.

Whatever, its not like we're actually dating.

"Who was that?" Jessica asks. "Tyson, he's going with a friend." I explain. "What? He's ditching you? He's your boyfriend!" Jess groans, "Fine, I'm your date then." I not with a grin and we walk downstairs.

My mom squeals when she sees us, "You guys look gorgeous!" she says, snapping at least a million pictures of us.

I chuckle, "Bye mom, see you later."

"Enjoy sweetie!" she shouts as I walk out the door. I'll try.


I walk into the gym where our prom is being held. The place looks so different with white covering the floors and a elegant winter wonderland theme that looks amazing. Credits to the decorating committee.

I smile and take in the atmosphere.

"So, where's your boyfriend?" A voice asks, beside me. I turn to come face to face with Dicklan. Great.

"None of your business." I state and walk away before he can make any snide comments.

I sigh and sit down with a cup of punch. I don't care if this has alcohol in it because of some stupid senior boys. Actually it would be great considering my date ditched me, my ex boyfriends is onto me and I'm sitting alone at prom drinking punch on one of the most important days of my life.

This is why people shouldn't dress up for prom. Especially not for hot guys that are probably going to ditch you at the last minute anyway.

"Hey Cupcake." Someone says next to me. I look up at see Tyson. Damn, he looks fine.

"Hi." I say, taking a sip of my drink. Yup, I definitely hope there is alcohol in this.

"Who you here with?" he asks. Jeez, I'm not you Tyson! I can't just get whoever I want in less than a minute.

I sigh, if only I was one of those people that could just say what I was really feeling. "Jessica." I say. Tyson nods and then looks around the gym.

I wonder what he is thinking.

"Who you here with?" I ask. I probably don't even want to know but I guess I have nothing to loose, right?

"Tyson." A girl sings, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.


Of course. Brittany Doiley, the biggest, stupidest, bitchiest slut in our school. Also, the top of the top 5.

Great, she's back from Paris already.

If I didn't see her 'till the day I died it would still be too soon.

Brittany is the most popular girl in our high school and she has made it her personal mission to make my life a living hell. She did a pretty good job as well.

"Oh, Melody! Look, your boyfriend went to prom with me." Brittany gloats.

I stand up, "Bye Tyson." I say and walk away.

I walk outside, into the rain. Why is it always raining? I think the clouds are crying. They doing what I want to do.

I sigh and sitting down on a bench. I haven't even been outside for a minute and I'm already soaked. At least no one else is stupid enough to come out here so I'll be alone.

Tears fall down my cheeks but they're hidden by the rain. It's not that I'm in love with Tyson or anything but it hurts that the guy who is supposed to be my boyfriend ditched me on prom night to go with Brittany.

The only girl that I hate more than peanut butter.

It would've been fine if it was any other girl. He could've gone with Miley Cyrus and I would have been fine but Brittany?

That hurt. Even Tyson knows how much I hate Brittany but he went with her anyway. How could you Tyson?

"Melody?" Someone says beside me.


How dare you walk into my heart? Oh how rude of you, to ruin my miserable and tell me I'm beautiful.

I'm watching love Rosie. I love this movie! Ive watched it like seven times. It will never get old. Sam Claflin is bae.

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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