Chapter 1: Prolouge

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Elena's POV
Did you know that when you become a vampire, every compulsion you've ever experienced fades away?

All your memories come back, every single one, every one you didn't want to remember.

It's painful to remember everything, all at once, shocking to see secrets unfold before your eyes.

And when I became a vampire, I saw many past compulsions disappear,  and I didn't mind half of them.

Damon told me he loved me, and I found out I had met him first.

Stefan was the ripper, and I saw him compel me to do some terrible things that I had to look away from.

But the last memory was the one that haunted me the most.

It was Katherine, and I saw her standing in front of me, telling me things that didn't make any sense, until that memory was over, and all the other memories came flooding back to me.

Katherine kissing me, Katherine holding me in her arms, Katherine telling me she loved me, me telling her I loved her back.

Katherine leaving me. Katherine telling me that I deserved better than her. Katherine crying as she sped out of my window, leaving me alone and confused.

Did you know a vampire can turn off its humanity? I did, I just never expected o actually do it.

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