He is Me, I Am Him, But We Are Not Always One

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You readers need to understand something very important about us authors. 

Just because our character says something or has a certain belief, does not mean we the author agree with what that character says or have the same belief as the character. Yes we created that character, made him/her say or do things, gave them their beliefs, but it does not mean they are the same as our own. If we made our characters have the same beliefs as ours, act the way we do, they'd all be the same. The characters will be too much alike and it'd be weird.

My character Lane Wilder (now Daniels) doesn't believe in God or religion. My other character Sullivan Delaney (now Vheris) along with his family are Christians, who believe in God and religion and pray before every meal. Two very different beliefs for the two different characters that I created. Yet, I personally don't have the same beliefs as either of them. I believe in God, but not religion. So Lane's beliefs are not mine, neither are Sullivan's. There is a middle ground between authors and the characters they create.

So if a character says something or has a certain belief, don't jump down the author's throat about it. You don't know their own personal beliefs, it may be the exact opposite of their character's. Yes we create them, but we are not them all the time! I relate to my characters, put myself in their shoes to get that life into the story. It's a tiring process and sometimes, I hate doing it because I don't agree with what the characters says/does/believes. 

My character is me, I am my character, but we are NOT always one.

Tanks, Kenzie

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