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We had been 'dating' for a month attempting to make Kid jealous but nothing seemed to be working.

"I told you this plan wouldn't work Blackstar," I said sitting down on my couch.

"Okay so maybe you were right."

"Maybe's an understatement."

"But, we can still make the best situation out of this."

I sighed, another plan.

"So its simple, you're going to dramatically break up with me."

"So this whole dating thing was useless?" I sighed looking at him.

He shook his head, "no, you have your new cat."

He was referring to Bacon, the British longhair cat that he had gotten me on my birthday.

"True, but how will this work?"

Blackstar got in one of his 'famous' poses, "just slap me because I, the almighty Blackstar who will one day surpass god and become the strongest of them all cannot be affected by a mere so-ow!"

Bacon began to scratch at his foot for attention.

"Yea sure," I was skeptical.

I slapped pretty hard and Blackstar wasn't exactly what you would call strong, but he did do all of this for me so if he wanted one final dramatical scene, then he'll get one.

"You bitch," I yelled at Blackstar as he was kissing some random lady in the middle of the hall.

He stopped and looled at me frantically, "(Y/n) it's not what it looks like!"

I started 'crying' and slapped him before running out of the school. I got a good distance down the stairs before stopping to sit down.

"Well there's no way they won't believe that," said Blackstar sitting down next to me.

"Yea.... thanks for doing this for me by the way."

Blackstar stood up and stretched, "anyway, I should get going before Tsubaki gets worried; you coming?"

I shook my head at him staring out at the city below, "no, its a nice day outside I'll think I'll stay here longer."

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