Warning Wattpadians

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Hello Wattpadians! 😊

I know you've all been dying for this story, the sexy Slaters are back at it again! Before the actual story starts, I want to let you all know that this is the THIRD book in the 'A Slater's Love' series. If you don't read the first two, you'll be confused because characters from the first two books play HUGE roles in this story as well. So read the other two stories before this one...

1. Having A Slater's Love

2. Giving A Slater's Love

I must also warn you all about something else, though the description and tags make it obvious af. There will be extreme INCEST in this story. Cortez Slater and Callum Slater are biological brothers, born from the same father Christian Slater, but different mothers. If you do not like incest, just don't read the story. I don't want comments about it being wrong and nasty. If you have a problem with it, deal with it on your own time and out of my comment section. 

This story is also a MPREG story, meaning MALE pregnancy. If you don't like it, don't read it. Don't say, 'that's not realistic because guys can't get pregnant.' Realistic? You're reading a WEREWOLF story, what is realistic about that? 😕 Nothing, so does mpreg ruin the realistic feel to a werewolf story that's far from realistic anyways? No, it doesn't. I understand some people just don't like mpreg. What I don't understand is why they continue to read it just to comment negative stuff about the story. Just leave, you're not needed. 

Okay that's all. Tanks for reading my pre-story rants ❤

Prologue will be up 4/27/16 

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