XXV- In His Head

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"You're sitting with the girls today, yeah?" Brooke wondered as her and Indianna made their way to the canteen.

Indianna pursed her lips and glanced back at Greyson who was talking to Harry and Kal. She looked at Brooke and nodded. "Yes."

Brooke grinned and linked her arm through Indianna's. "Great!" She said happily and practically skipped through the canteen doors. Sasha and Alice were already seated at a table in the canteen, eating an odd looking soup that had green bits in that Indianna did not want to try.

"Before you ask, Alice has decided to start eating healthily," Sasha explained, pointing to the soup. "She made me buy the horrible soup."

Brooke scrunched her nose up as she sat down. "That does not look like soup."

Indianna sat down next to Brooke and caught Greyson's eye as she did. He pursed his lips slightly, but after a minute he smiled slightly and sat down at a different table with Harry and Kal.

"It's quite nice," Alice said. "Healthy."

"I think I'll stick to a lovely slice of pizza," Sasha said, pushing the soup away.

"You promised you'd be healthy with me-"

"I lied. You must not have tastebuds if you can eat that vile food," Sasha said and Indianna laughed slightly.

Alice pouted slightly and turned to Indianna. "You've not been at school for ages. Where have you been?" She wondered.

"I was ill," Indianna said.

"Are you alright now?"

"I hope so," Indianna murmured.

"Indie, do you know what I want to know?" Sasha said, smirking at Indianna.


"What's Greyson like in bed?" Sasha said and Indianna choked on her own spit. "He's the dominant type, isn't he? It's not 50 Shades of Grey shit, is it? That stuff is just nasty."

"Sasha!" Brooke gasped and laughed loudly. "You can't ask that!"

"Why not? I know all about yours and Harry's sex life. He likes it rough, baby," Sasha winked and Brooke went bright red which made Sasha smirk.

"Jesus," Brooke muttered and shook her head.

"I'm interested now," Alice said curiously and edged forward, looking at Indianna.

"I wouldn't know what he's like in bed," Indianna said and Sasha's mouth dropped.

"You mean you haven't had sex?"


"He hasn't tried to do it with you?"

Indianna shook her head.

"Indianna isn't like the other girls he's been with. Greyson cares for her, unlike the others," Brooke said and Indianna frowned.

Did she feel jealous about these 'other girls'?

She knew they weren't with Greyson now, but they were previously.

"He wouldn't force me to do that," Indianna said. "He would no longer have balls if he did."

Sasha and Alice laughed just as Voilet joined them. "I think I joined this conversation at the wrong time," she said, raising her eyebrows questioningly at the girls.

"Indianna hasn't fucked Greyson," Sasha said. "Which we find highly surprising."

"That is shocking," Violet nodded. "He usually fucks and goes."

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