Chapter 1:

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I woke up to the ringing of the school bell. "School is so boring" I mumbled to myself but the teacher heard me and said " Miss Payne school wouldn't be boring if you payed attention to my art class instead of sleeping during my class." Yeah your probably thinking is she related to Liam Payne from the famous boy band One Direction? The answer is yes. I suppose I should tell u a bit about myself well my name is Valasia Payne but people call me Val or VAZZA. I'm 14 years old and my brother is in a famous boy band called One Direction I live with my brother and his bandmates in London because my parents died in a car accident when I was 12 I am currently in year 8. I should also probably tell you what I look like well I am 4 feet tall, I have medium long brown hair with brown eyes with a light tan.

(Back to reality in the classroom)

I just ignored the teacher and walked out of class and to my locker to collect my bag to go home. On the walk home there was a street closed that I always go down to get home so I had to go around. When I got home it was later than I usually get home. I walked in the door and found a worried looking brother and his band mates. When they saw me my brother ran to me and hugged me really tight and let go then said in a very worried and angry voice " Where were you Valasia? I was worried sick because you weren't home at the time you usually are I thought you where kidnapped or killed." I replied by saying "The street I usually go down to get straight home was closed and I couldn't get through so I had to go the long way around" Liam then said " Well you could of at lest called or texted any of us saying the road is closed and that you have to go the long way around" he said angrily I said "Well my battery was dead! Not my fault that my phone died on me!" After I said that to him I ran upstairs to my room and slammed my door shut and ran and jumped on my bed and cried.

Half an hour later there was knock on my door but I acted like I didn't hear it and was sleeping but just before I closed my eyes I caught a glimpse of who it was and it was my brother. When he saw that I was sleeping he grabbed a blanket and put it on me and took my shoes off then gave me a kiss on the forehead and said in a whisper " I'm sorry. I love you." Then he opened the door and went out then closed it gently and quietly and walked down stairs. After he left I felt myself starting to drift asleep.

(Latter that night)

I woke up and looked at the time it was 8:30pm and iv been asleep for 4 hrs. I went downstairs and heard a knock on the door I shouted to the boys that I will answer it. When I opened the door i saw a young handsome guy around my age. " Hello I'm Valasia but u can call me Val or Vazza and you are?" I asked him " Hello I'm Cody. I just moved in next door and I wanted to come introduce myself to my neighbour" " Would you like to come in for a drink?" I asked " Sure" he replied with a smile on his face " What would you like to drink soft drink, water or coffee?" " Just water thanks" he said politely " Follow me." I said to him. I started walking down the hall to the kitchen once I got into the kitchen I saw my brother and his band mates chatting to each other they looked up when they heard the door open. "Who's that?" Liam asked "This is Cody he's our new neighbour" before Liam could say anything the boys said " Nice to meet you Cody." Zayn started to introduce himself and the boys. Then Liam asked " How old are you?" He answered the question straight away by saying " I'm 14" Louis then shouted "Your the exact some age as Vazza! What school are you going to attend?" He said "The one 10 minutes away from here." then I said " That's the school I'm at." with a smile "Awesome is it ok if I walk with you to school tomorrow?" He asked shyly I replied by say " Sure you can anytime you want!" Then he said "I should probably get home because my parents are probably wondering where I am. So bye see you at 8:45am tomorrow" "bye!" I shouted as he walked down my driveway and up his.

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