XXIV- "Spank me?"

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Someone's feeling better.

Indianna gulped as she read the text. She immediately rushed to the window in her room and looked around. There was no one outside. Not that she could see.

She closed her curtains and walked over to her wardrobe. She changed into a pair of high waisted shorts and a white crop top and pulled her dark hair up into a pony tail. She put a small amount of mascara on in attempt to make herself look more awake and stuffed her feet into a pair of battered converses.

*I'm outside, sugar.*

*I told you not to pick me up.*

*I know.*

Indianna rolled her eyes and grabbed her school bag, walking out of her room and down the stairs.

"Indianna, is that you?" Iris called.


"Where are you going?"

"School. I'm feeling better." Indianna was out of the house before Iris could say anything else. She spotted Greyson's car parked on her drive and walked over to it. Greyson wound his window down and smirked, his eyes trailing up and down Indianna's body.

"Hop in, sugar."

Indianna got in the back of the car as Kal was seated in the front and Ace smiled from the seat next to her. "Feeling better?" He wondered.

Indianna nodded and put her seatbelt on. She noticed how she was the only person wearing one.

"Hopefully, this stage is over," Greyson said as he drove away from Indianna's house. "You haven't had a fit in at least 4 days. That's better than at least 5 everyday."

"Hopefully," Indianna murmured and the guys started to talk about something she didn't really pay attention to.

She didn't say much, she added the odd few words to the conversation, but that was it.

Indianna was out of the car as soon as Greyson had parked in the school car park. She was walking away when Greyson grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. "Not so fast," he said into her ear and smirked, wrapping his arm round her waist. "You may not have had a fit in a while, but I'm not risking letting you out of my sight."

"I need to see my teachers to see what work I have missed," Indianna said as they made their way towards the school.

"You can do it later," Greyson shrugged.

"Now," Indianna said attempting to walk in an opposite direction to Greyson, but he easily turned her away and towards their lockers. "Im going to fail school because of you."

"No you're not."

"Greyson, I really need to-"

"Shut up."

"Don't tell me to shut-"

"Do you want me to make you?" Greyson wondered, arching an eyebrow at Indianna who arched one back.

"You can't make me."

"Oh really?"

In a blink of an eye Indianna was pushed up against the lockers lining the corridor and she gasped slightly, looking up at Greyson. "What are you going to do? Spank me?" She said sarcastically.

"Don't give me ideas, sugar," Greyson whispered, sliding his hands down to Indianna's ass. "I didn't know you liked it kinky."

"Greyson!" Indianna gasped, wrapping her fingers round his wrists and attempting to move his arms.

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