Chapter 16- Confusion II (Kyo's POV)

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Kyo's POV

I looked into Akemi's dark purple eyes. I think they were the part about her that freaked me out the most. Those eyes, they see right through you. Akemi's eyes weren't as...... secretive as usual..... she looked like a frail little girl...... she was actually shaking...... I never seen her so vulnerable before.... not ever.... and we've always been friends.... even before I met Kagura, and I was 4 then. "So, who will it be, Akemi?"

She wiped her eyes and grabbed fistfuls of her hair and pulled. Her black raven hair. "Arrgghh! I HATE MY LIFE!" She yelled. Aghhh. Then... she says that. "Akemi.... just choose one.... it can't be that hard....." She put her hands to one of her temples. "You see this is where you're wrong. You don't have..." She pointed to her head. "The mind of a woman." I snorted. "You're, like, 15..." She mocked me, lowering her voice a few octaves deeper. "You're, like, 16... Your point is?" I rolled my eyes and stared at the ceiling. "Whatever, continue...."

"Look... you got to look at this rationally. What if I pick the wrong boy? I end up heart broken and I can't repick!!!!" God... must she overthink all the time??? "Akemi!!!!" I grabbed her shoulders and she froze. "Yuh huh...." She mumbled. "Stop..... freaking..... out...." She sweatdropped and pushed me away, giving me a closed eye smile. "No need to touch me in anyway... Didn't know you were the pervy type Kyonkichi....." Grrrr! I hate being called by my full name!!! "Don't call me that... Adela-Grace-Elizabeth...." She has 3 middle names. And none of them are Japanese. Her mom was weird.... Well, she hates when I call her that... She punched me... hard... Looks like she's back to her old abusive self. "Moron!" She started. "Idiot!" I answered. "Igit!" She retorted. "Stupid!" I responded. "Doofus!" She hollered. "Goof!" I yelled. "Kyo... I have feelings...." She said as if she were hurt by that. "Goof!" I repeated. "Awh.." she said in a baby voice. "I'm so sad. I'm gonna find my blankie, and cwy my little eyes out!" I punched her playfully. "Well... I made my decision."

"What?" I asked, totally forgetting. "I've chosen the boy who has been given the pleasure of becoming my boyfriend!" "Oh... right.... Who?" She grinned. Well, now she's going to try to piss me off somehow. "The one... The only... Yuki Sohma." I raised my eyebrows. When she saw how unenthused I was, she threw her hands in the air. "Yuki Sohma!" She repeated. "So... You'd pick that damn rat over Haru? The boy you've known all your life." She closed her eyes in frustration. "When he called you a 'stupid cat' I always defended you, you know...." I rolled my eyes. "I don't need you to." She nodded. "I know. I do it anyway." She's something else, isn't she?

She brushed off her jeans. "Okay, I'll go tell the 'damn rat' my decision." "Okay, go ahead." She spun on her heel to look at me. "Can you come with me?" "WHAT?!! WHY?!!" "I'm scared." she confessed. "Why do I gotta do it? Why can't you make Tohru come?!" "Because I'll be your best friend!!!" "I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!"

So after some convincing (her basically punching my face off), I agreed to come. Well, I was listening through the walls. It was basically muffled, so I didn't really understand. "Kyo?" I heard Tohru call. "Yes?" I asked, walking into the kitchen. "Would you mind getting Haru, he's been gone for a while, I'm worried." I nodded. "Oh, um, sure..."

So I left to go get Haru. He was crouched over and seemed to be talking to himself. "Haru." I said cautiously. "Dinners ready." He's obviously black. I casually leaned against a tree and a fell through it. What the hell?! Haru shoved me into the splintering tree and went ahead. Oooookkkaaayyyyy...........

We reached the house. I was talking to Haru. Did he go deaf, or is he just ignoring me? "Haru...." I say. He swings the door open. "Haru?" He took a good look at the room, as if this is his first time seeing it. Then Yuki and Akemi walk in, having a grand old time. That'll go over well.... Haru goes freaky black. He walks right up to Yuki. "WHAT THE F---?! GET THE HELL OFF OF HER!!!" Akemi looks surprised and a bit sad. "Haru..." She starts. "Oh, Haru? Yuki? are you okay?" Tohru asks. Haru looks at her, then gets a devilish look on his face. He walks right up to Tohru. She looked freaked out, but, come on, who wouldn't?

"H-Haru?" She asks, uneasy. He leaned in, and kissed her. Sure as hell wasn't expecting that... Akemi gasped and Tohru pushed him away, blushing. "Haru...?" Haru looked relieved. He regained his usual zen like posture. Aaaannnndd..... he's white again. He looked around, confused at everyone's facial expression. POOF! There was some gray smoke and there was a little black horse in the middle of the living room. Akemi was probably stressed. Poor girl. Haru looked at her apologetically. "Oh! I see! Akemi's the horse!" I mean, I have to admit, he was at a line. Why'd he do that?

POOF! She suddenly turned back. I spun around, not wanting to see her.... uhh.... you know.... her business... Shigure, the perv was staring. That sick bastard!!! She threw something at Shigure. "LOOK AWAY PERVERT!!!!!" She said. Was that her underwear. Not the best thing to throw at a perv... but okay. I heard her footsteps run up the stairs. I looked to Haru and shook my head. "Haru.... Why?" He didn't answer. An eerie silence filled the room.


"It doesn't make a difference, even so, after 25 years.... It's nice to know...." Akemi's voice rang out. She's a good singer. She's make a good Hodel... or Tzeitel. With her personality and all. Hodel is a sassy girl, and Tzeitel is a brave one. She was the last person trying out. She went to prepare for her next class. I walked up to her. "Hey, you were really good! She smiled. "Thanks." I sat down. "Who'd you wanna be?" She looked surprised that I was interested. "Oh, Chava. And you?" I smiled. "I wanted to be Fyedka. Only badass part of this whole musical." She smirked. Haru walked over. She's still pissed, dumbass! "Hey you were good." She was fixing the blazer on her Haruhi keychain from.... High School of the Dead? No... wrong show.... I want to say OHSHC.... but that's not right..... "Ake? Kemi? Don't you think you're too old to pull the silent treatment?" She played with the one with blond hair and purple eyes. Then she just strolled away, cutting off Haru.

"Haru, she's still pissed." He looked to me. "Really? No shit!" He started walking away. God, Haru has no right to wallow in self-pity.


"Yes Papa... I understand..." The lights dimout again. "Great job, kids, we'll rehearse the second half tomorrow." Akemi's room is on the way to mine, so I was about 6 feet behind her. Suddenly, on the way, a hand reached out and pulled her in. Yuki.... really? That's kinda sick! I walked up to that room. The name on the door, wasn't Yuki. It was Haru! I pressed my ear against the door. "Haru... you're scaring me." She meant it too, that's her freaked out voice. I clenched my teeth. "Har-!" Is he choking her?! After about 10 seconds I hear a slapping noise. "Don't touch me!" Oh.... he did something pervy. I heard her high heeled Mary Janes and ran behind a rack of clothing. She stormed off to her room. "Kemi!" She didn't look back. I came from behind the rack and picked him up by the collar of his white button down shirt. "What did you do? If you hurt her, I will knock your knee high boots off, with your legs still inside!" He looked startled. "I don't kn-know! I'm white again!" I put him back and shoved him into his room, and went into my dressing room.

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