Chapter 2

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Amane Yuuto blinked in confusion as he tried to understand what was happening around him. Everywhere he went the students or his colleagues complimented him, and some even patted him on the back a little too hard due enthusiasm. All because of a certain someone, who barely came to school since the beginning of the school year, decided to show up.

And apparently that alone wasn't enough to him, since Akaishi Seiji-kun not only made it clear the only reason he was back was because the teacher had told him in person to do so, he even thanked Yuuto in front of everyone. Despite the honest thanks, the teacher saw the tiny smile on the student's lips.

"Why did you say that, Akaishi-kun?" Yuuto asked in a hushed voice when he found the said student in the old arts club's room alone after the last class was over.

"Did I lie by any chance?" Akaishi-kun threw back a question with a puzzled expression. "You told me to come to school after our little time together," he said, again with the sly smile. "So here I am."
"You... you..." the teacher sighed in complete defeat, sat on one of the stools and sunk his face in both hands.

Technically speaking, the student was right. That Saturday, after Akaishi-kun fondled... painted the teacher, Yuuto, perhaps trying to retain some respect as an educator, told him to go back to school on Monday.

Though third years whose grades were good enough to graduate weren't required to attend school after the universities' exams, Akaishi-kun was in rather a delicate position. Thought he wasn't the teacher in charge, since the vice principal asked the staff to talk with the student if they saw him, Yuuto said those more out of responsibility when he remembered, but never truly expected Akaishi-kun would actually show up.

And thanks to the completely unexpected sight of Akaishi-kun in his class, all those shameful memories kept popping into Yuuto' mind the entire day. He blushed every time their eyes met, which was surprisingly a lot due to Akaishi-kun sudden appearances out of nowhere during the breaks between classes. What was worse was that the student didn't even talk or anything. He simply watched Yuuto with an intrigued expression.

"What's wrong?" Akaishi-kun came closer, so close Yuuto had to look up to see the student's face. "You seem tired."

Whose fault do you think it is? The teacher forgot he was sitting and stepped back. The only reason he wasn't on the floor was because Akaishi-kun held him and pulled him closer, and Yuuto' cheek reddened once again. He broke free of the student's arms, stepped back and rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of some of the sleepiness he felt, with no result.

Yuuto spend the rest of the weekend in complete disarray. His mind was in some sort of haze, but when he got home and changed to his normal clothes, those events truly sank in. Not only someone discovered his secret, out of some sort of stupid pride, he ended up letting a man, whom on top of that was his own student, touch his body. Yuuto still remembered the sensation of Akaishi-kun' finger on him, and what was worse, a few times he could even feel it, along with a queer tingle where he was touched.

On Sunday Yuuto tried to take his mind off, but neither revising the lessons for the week nor finishing his latest cosplay helped one bit. He was too worried and had no concentration. All that his mind wanted to do was go over the event and the conversation after the student had finished painting again and again.

At least he promised..., Yuuto thought when he simply gave up and went to sleep.

Not only Akaishi-kun didn't seem like the sort of person who wouldn't gossip, he assured he wouldn't tell anyone their secret, as the student called later. But there was something in the way he said those words, something behind the smile that made Yuuto feared what he might find on Monday morning. I don't think he'd tell anyone, but Akaishi-kun seems so reckless he may end up exposing me accidentally.

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