8. MY HEART SAYS "IT'S YOU" BOOK 1 (Kathniel FF)

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|MHSIY| - A story by akosilenpot. (http://www.wattpad.com/user/akosilenpot)


Define LOVE? It is a 4 letter word na sobrang hirap i-define. Nakakaexcite, nakakakaba,nakakatawa..etc.The moment you fall into it, your mind paralyzes and your heart just do all the work. One emotion gives different feelings and effects.You will forget the world. Just YOU- the LOVE & HIM. But the question is......how can you find the ONE Siya ba na tinuturo ng mga signs? o Siya na lihim mong minamahal? Its a battle of Fate and Heart. Hi Im Kath, 17 year old, a high school student and I am looking for someone who could be my first love.


A very inspiring story. Naniniwala ba kayo sa signs? Well dito? Kikilabutan ka. Hahaha. A very "worth the read" story. Macucurious ka talaga sa story na to and maguguluhan pero in the end... Maganda naman. MHSIY - MAGANDA TALAGA TO POMISE! Read it read it read it!


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