Chapter 1

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Are you guys ready? I have a lot in store for you.

Please make you that you've read the first book Saving Him before you read this one.

This story will be from mostly August's point of view.

Kaya in mm.

Enjoy and excuse my mistakes ..




"Hey August, it's me, Kaya. I hope you'll wake up soon. I miss you so much." She said trailing off. "Your daughter and I miss you so much."

My daughter?

"We visit you three times a week. Aubrey can't wait to meet you as you can tell." She laughed. I heard babbling. Like a baby was making excited noises.

"Aubrey turns two in a few months. I really hope that you wake up soon." She said as her voice cracked.

I heard her sniffle and I heard the chair screech on the ground indicating that she stood up.

"I love you August."

That was the last thing I heard before the door opened, then closed.

I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't.

Next time, I'll try my hardest to.



I placed Aubrey inside of the car, making sure she was securely in her car seat and closed the door.

Sliding into the passenger side, my lips were met by Maceon's.

"How was it baby?" He asked as he pulled off.

"Same as usual." I said. "I just wish that he'll finally wake up."

"He will baby." Maceon said as he gripped my thigh.

Aubrey started to whine and I quickly turned around. "What's wrong my baby?" I cooed.

She kicked her little feet and I tickled them.

"We're gonna be home soon babygirl." Maceon said smiling as he looked at Aubrey through the rear view mirror.

I smiled. I was happy that Maceon accepted my pregnancy and was there for me after what happened to August.

We recently started dated two months ago after I had a emotional break down when Aubrey was just 8 months.

It was hard raising her without August, but Kyle and my parents helped out a lot.

I also make sure that Aubrey knows who her father is because August is her father.

I just have a bad feeling about something, but I just pushed the thought away.



"August can you move one of your right fingers for me?" The nurse asked.

I heard many voices. My mamas, Mel, and Chandra's.

"Come on move ya finger nigga." Mel said.

"Don't talk ta him like dat." My mama said.

I tried my hardest and I moved my index finger. "You seen dat!?" Cha yelled.

"August move it again." Mel said.

I moved my finger again then heard everyone in the room get excited.

I was trying. I wanted to be with my family again. Then I have a daughter. Aubrey. As much as Kaya been coming to visit me, she never mentioned anything about me having a daughter.

How the fuck could you just now tell me after two whole years?

I couldn't deny the fact that I missed Kaya.

She's my everything and she means the world to me. Right after my daughter.

Feeling the strength to open my eyes, I forced them open and was met by a bright light.

"Trav gone sum whea, I got ha." Mel said as he bounced a baby on his lap.

Was that my daughter?

I coughed. My throat was as drier than a muh fucka and I quickly got everyone's attention.

It was so quiet you could hear the clock on the wall ticking.

I coughed again deciding to be funny.

"August?" My mama said as she ran to my side.

"Wata." Was the first thing I said.

My mama quickly gave me the cup of water and I drunk it in three gulps.

"I'm saprised da nigga first word wasn't 'henny'." Trav joked and everyone started to laugh.

"Fuck- shutup." I said correcting myself.

What did I look like getting hit as soon as I woke up from a two year coma?

"Oh my god my baybeh is awake!" My mama said.

"You good man?" Mel said coming to my side.

I nodded. "What happen?" I asked.

The last thing I remember was going to get Kaya and hugging her.


"Where's Kaya?" I croaked.

The room went silent and no one didn't say anything.

"Yung." Mel said.

"Y'all know she had ma seed?" I asked.

Chandra nodded and walked over to me. "Yes, she's very beautiful too. She favors Kaya, but she acts just like you."

"Damn." Was all I could say.

I missed Kaya's entire pregnancy. I wasn't able to see my first child to be born and it's all my fault.

If I would've kept a closer eye on Kaya, we would've never been in this situation.

But just know for a fact I was getting my woman back.

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