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Me and Destiny were going to stay in Vegas for a month. I know it's long but we felt and our men felt that we needed a break from everything out there. Now we were in the casino. I was sitting at the bar while Destiny was drinking,smoking a black mild,and playing a game. At the bar I got me all types of shots. This casino was like a club also. There was dancing games shots any type of drink of alcohol there. I got up and walked across the hall to the hookah bar.

Man:What type?

Carrie:Strawberry mixed with cherry

Man:Ight I got you just a minute.

That man was fine as hell. I'm starting I think about what Destiny had said about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. He came back and gave me my pen. I gave him a twenty dollar bill.

Man:Before you go my names Eric

Carrie:I'm Carrie and happily married.

Eric:Babe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

He walked from behind the desk and was close to me. Nothing could get between us. Until Destiny came up.

Destiny:Oooh. Well helloooo sexy I'm Destiny.

Eric:*smiles* Hookah?

Destiny:No. I I'm good nigga.


He walked back behind the bar after he smacked my butt. Me and Destiny sat down somewhere else and I got to smoking my hookah pen.

Destiny:*chewing gum* Carrie?

Carrie:*blows out smoke* Yes?

Destiny:You and Eric should do a one night stand.

Carrie:Hell no. *smokes the hookah*


Carrie:*blows out smoke* Cause do you not see my ring?

Destiny:What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Carrie:*laughs* No no and no.

Destiny:You'll do it anyway I know you.

Carrie:*laughs* Whatever.

Destiny:Carrie we're here for a month! Only God knows what we're gonna do here in VEGAS BABY.

Carrie:*laughs* I'm going to get another drink.

Destiny:I'm coming with.

We went to get drinks and Destiny went to get a hookah pen. Then she came back and we went to the club part and started dancing.



Eric:Okay guys here's your room.

Destiny:*walks in*

Carrie:*touches his chest* Goodbye Eric *giggles and kisses him*

||||The Next Morning||||

Carrie:*wakes up* Ugh.

I rubbed my head. It was pumping. I woke up and looked around and saw I was in my hotel room.


Destiny:*wakes up and laughs* You and Eric almost had sex.

Carrie:WHAT? Augh. My head hurts.

Destiny:You was drunk. And high at the same time.

Carrie:Ok the sex part?

Destiny:I was playing. *giggles*

Carrie:*frowns* Please don't play! *laughs a little*

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