Time Stood Still.

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Chapter 1

Riley slipped on her heels and ensured everything she'd need was in her bag, before driving to school. "Planner; folders for school, Student Council binder, Athletics Manager Binder, tutoring information, I think that's it." The brunette dropped the bag on her shoulder and drove her Honda to school. She was extremely brilliant, and active in school but no one ever seemed to know who she was. Besides her 2 best friends, Farkle and Maya, as well as her brother Josh. She pulled into her usual parking spot where her blonde best friend was waiting for her.

"Hey girl hey!"

"What up Maya?"

"Fixing to be trapped in prison for 8 hours. You look hot!" Maya and Riley were the exact opposite of each other, but somehow always got along, they were a nice balance. Maya wore leather jackets, Riley wore floral skirts. Maya would go to a party on Friday and Riley would either get dragged along to be a DD or stay at home since she had to tutor on Saturday's. She had bright blue eyes that could convince anyone to do anything, and long, thick blonde hair.

"Thanks peaches, as do you." There was a fight breaking out in the school parking lot and without even realizing what she was doing the brunette dropped her bags and sprinted towards the ring of students.Of course no one is trying to stop this, that'd be mature of someone. Also be proud of yourself that you didn't just fall on your face running over here. After fighting her way through the crowd she saw Lucas Friar, I'll tell you more about him later. "Gross. HEY!" Riley sauntered towards them in the center, avoiding every fist at all cost, "STOP IT NOW!" Boisterous. Lucas Friar stood up and wiped the bright red blood off of his lip. His eyes quickly averted her, almost as if he didn't even notice she was there. Which wasn't a huge surprise.

"You alright peaches?" Maya passed Riley her bag.

"I'm fine. Stupid boys." They sauntered into the school in silence. "I guess I just don't see the point in fighting. Maybe I've never found someone I really wanted to punch. That's an interesting notion, I have wanted to punch someone but maybe I just haven't been mad enough to do it in the moment." Both the girls shrugged their shoulders and Farkle stepped in between them. He was the reason she was second in their class, at first they were archenemies, eventually the enemy phase passed and ever since 6th grade they'd been inseparable. He was tall, skinny, always wore a beanie and fairly attractive, most importantly he was more than protective over Riley and Maya.


"Farkle!" They announced in unison, feeling his arm on their shoulders. Riley opened her locker and unloaded her bag.

"Staying busy I see!" He adjusted his beanie and watched her unpack her backpack.

"Always. If I'm going to be invisible in high school mine as well use it to my advantage and beef up my extracurricular for college."

"Riles, people know who you are." Riley's brown eyes rolled, "You don't believe me? Watch!" The blonde nabbed the next person to walk by, "do you know who this is?"

"Isn't that Josh's little sister?"

"Get out of here, you aren't helping!" The blue eyed girl shoved the random person away and watched her best friend smirk sarcastically.

"I'm Josh's little sister, your best friend, or Mr. Matthews' kid."

Farkle leaned against the lockers, "I know who you are Riles. Marry me!"

"Hard pass, just like every other day this week. But, maybe tomorrow." Eventually I might say yes. He's cute, my best friend and let's be honest with yourself no one else is going to ask you.

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