Peace by Blind Date?

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Chapter 1

"No, you said you were getting Emily this weekend. Damn it Charlie, you haven't seen her in almost 2 months." Riley was trying to remain calm as she pushed her basket through the grocery store. "Well you know what, you don't have to see the heart broken look on her face, when I tell her yet again her father has better things to do than see her." She was so sick of Charlie doing this to their kid. That little blonde haired blue eyed bundle of joy was her life and she couldn't imagine going that long without seeing her. The brunette didn't even realize that there was someone eavesdropping, "she deserves so much better than what you give her." She angrily tapped the end button her phone and completely forgot the purse on her shoulder when her arms fell to the side. "Dang it." Her fingers ran through her long brown hair before kneeling down and picking up the assortment of items that she stored in her purse.

"Nice Barbie doll." The brunette giggled and looked up, only seeing sandy blonde hair she continued to pick up her stuff.

"I just play with them in my spare time. And this is my other cellphone." Her dainty hand held up a plastic pink flip phone. They both stood up and she got a good look at him, "wow." She whispered and immediately coughed to cover it up. Bright green eyes, strong jaw, and muscles everywhere, her brown eyes almost couldn't take it. "Thank you so much for helping."

"No problem." His lips separated slightly, she was incredibly gorgeous. Her large brown eyes were accented with long eyelashes and dimples. "I'm Lucas." He held his hand out and she accepted the friendly gesture.

"Riley, it's nice to meet you. Thanks again, for everything." She put her purse in the basket and strolled away.

Lucas didn't want her to leave that quick, "hey um, I hope things work out for you."

"What?" She furrowed her brows and cocked her head to the side.

The green eyed man gulped, "I overheard your conversation. On accident of course, I hope things get better."

"I'm sorry you had to hear that." Her hands tried to hide the blush that overcame her cheeks. "I'm so embarrassed, normally I don't bring calls like that in here I just, anyways you don't care about this." She giggled, "It was nice to meet you." Lucas separated his lips but couldn't force any words out, all he could do was nod. "Bye."

"YOUR NUMBER!" The brunette jumped at his boisterous voice, he face palmed himself and Riley started laughing.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you. What was that?"

"Very funny, I'm really sorry about how loud that was." His palms fell from his eyes, "um can I have your number I'd love to take you out sometime."

Her brown eyes brightened and she grinned. "That's really sweet and I'm super flattered because well look at you." He didn't like where this was going, "I've just got a lot going on right now."

"I understand, sorry to scare you." She hated to admit that his disappointed face was pretty cute.

"You didn't it was funny. Have a nice day." She gave one final grin before leaving. The emerald eyed man sighed heavily admiring her dimples.



Riley just finished her 6 a.m. work out when there was a light knock at the door. "Maya? What're you doing here?" She kissed her blonde best friend on the cheek.

"I had to be at the school by 8, I had some time to kill since it's just now 7."


Maya nodded and followed her into everyone's dream kitchen. Granite countertops, dark cherry wood cabinets, double oven, an island and all stainless steel appliances. This was the one room she had to have perfect, this was her safe haven. "So is Charlie picking her up?"

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