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Chapter One

'Bentley what's happened to my two o' clock appointment?' Tessa opened her office door and directed an impatient look at the P.A. she now shared with Brad. The secretary she'd hired resigned to take up a lucrative post with the government's Foreign Affairs as she was fluent in many European languages. Tessa was disappointed to see her go, but did not dream of standing in the way of her career aspirations. Tessa had been meaning to advertise for a new P.A. but she kept putting it off. She wondered if she could find someone as super efficient as her husband's private assistant was.

'Oh, you were not in your office Mrs. Blakely. I stuck a note on your keyboard.'

'What does it say Bentley?'

''The Orion rep is stuck in traffic, he's running thirty minutes late.'

Tessa groaned silently. Bloody bad time management if you ask me.

'Is something wrong Mrs. Blakely?' Bentley stood up. He was unaccustomed to her being discourteous.

'Lyndon is with me today,' Tessa sighed. 'He's already irritable. He's not had his afternoon nap.'

'Er---Mr. Blakely is still busy in a meeting, though its running over its scheduled time. I could ask him to stand in for you. He had nothing else on his diary for this afternoon.'

The problem is what time is Brad going to be done? What if he's still busy when the Orion rep eventually gets here?

'Momma, momma, carry me,' Lyndon tugged his arms around his mom's legs. The dainty palm of one hand then rubbed at his eyes tiredly.

'Oh I'm sorry darling,' Tessa lifted Lyndon into her arms and kissed his chubby cheek.

'I am mummy's angel, daddy is mummy's darling,' Lyndon giggled.

Don't kids come with a built in mute button?

'You're my darling too,' Tessa whispered in his ear. 'I'll wait for Orion,' Tessa directed a quick glance at Bentley, before she shut her door again.

'Momma, Lyndon tired,' the little blighter cried again, tapping his little palm across his mom's mouth. She kissed his palm, and playfully bit on it. Lyndon gurgled delightfully, forgetting his tiredness.

'Have you run away from Stacy again Lyndon?'

Stacy was the full nanny employed to look after Lyndon. He normally stayed at home with her, but today he had a routine medical check up and Tessa had brought him to the office after the doctor's appointment. 'Can mummy ask Stacy to make you sleep in you pen? You can play with Jet the dinosaur and Mr. Penguin.'

'Can momma sleep with Lyndon too?' he pleaded.

'I have a meeting just now angel,' Tessa pressed the buzzer to Lyndon's makeshift pay pen. It was a tiny unused office that Tessa converted into a play pen with some of Lyndon's toys. Thankfully it had a connected telephone line.

'Yes Mrs. Blakely?' Stacy shyly sauntered into Tessa's office.

'Stacy my next appointment's running late,' Tessa heaved a sigh apologetically. 'Please put Lyndon down in his playpen to rest. As soon as I'm done we'll leave.'

'Sure,' she smiled, extending her arms to Lyndon. 'Come little one.' He gave her a half smile, his beautiful long lashes hiding his droopy eyes.

Tessa reread the Orion contract for the tenth time, attempting to pre-empt what they wished to review. This was just a preliminary meeting before the contract was up for renewal again in a year's time. Orion should be a happy customer. The two amalgamated companies of The International Reporter and Global Business Review were now known as the, Global Reporter (GR) with Brad Blakeley as its new owner and chairperson, having bought out Joseph von Biljoen's majority shares, when he married the media baron's heiress. GR was now delivering excellent market value to Orion.

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