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Hey there! I rewrote the story yesterday after publishing that notice. I was running out of ideas on the previous story plot so, I made some changes to the plot. Hope you guys will enjoy<3
It was a hot and humid night, but despite this, I managed to sleep soundly.

That was, until I had a strange feeling that I wasn't alone in my room. Being a light sleeper, I sensed that someone was in my room. And it was neither my parents nor my sisters. It was a stranger.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes that were deprived of sleep. I had cried myself to sleep a few hours ago, like every other day. It was hurting me, the way they mocked me.

Why? Why did I stick out like such a sore thumb? Why were my two sisters drop-dead gorgeous and I on the other hand...

"Hey there," a foreign voice sounded from the other end of my room.

I jolted up at this. The stranger took meaningful strides towards me and my heart beat faster at every step he took.

It was dark. I couldn't see the person's face; the only thing I could make out was a masculine figure.

I reached around me to find something that could protect me, but the only thing my hand came into contact was my soft toy.

Damn it.

"Who...who are you?" My voice stuttered in fear.

With a snap of his fingers, the lights came on.

My eyes shut instinctively at the sudden brightness and when I opened them again, a guy's face was a mere inch away from me.

I blinked rapidly and I am pretty sure my jaw had reached the ground by now.

The guy in front of me was gorgeous. The first thing I noticed about him was his warm brown eyes which drew me in. He had sharp, chiseled features that would make even Abercrombie models jealous. His tousled brown hair looked soft and unlike most guy's, seemed free of hair products.

Angelle Avery! what are you thinking?! My inner self screamed at me. Here you are drooling about a guy who could be here to murder or kidnap you for all you know!

"I know I'm good looking, but you can stop drooling," the guy in front of me smirked.

This pulled me out of my own world.

"Oh my god! Who are you! What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?! Are you here to murder me or something?!" I shouted at him while I hit his face with my soft toy.

"Ouch, for a girl like you, you hit like a man," the guy said, rubbing his cheeks.

Guilt rushed through me.

"I'm sorry. Does it hurt badly?" I asked in concern.

Before he could reply, a thought struck me and I shouted at him again.

"No. Why should I care if you are hurting? You're here to murder me aren't you?! Stay away, I'm calling the police," I threaten as I picked up my phone on my bed stand.

With a snap of his fingers, my phone flew right out of my hands into his.

My eye widened at this.

"Are you some sort of magician or something? Or am I dreaming?" I asked in shock.

"No?" he said it as though it was a question and raised his brow.

"I'm pretty sure my abilities are cooler than a magician's," he said and smirked once again.

A snap from his fingers sounded again, and before I could register what happened, I was flying through the air. "Aah..." I screamed and closed my eyes tightly.

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