Chapter 1.

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"C'mon Hermione! It's just a party. What can go wrong?"
Hermione looked at her best friends with a disbelieving expression. They shuffled their feet under her gaze.
"You're really asking me that Ronald?" Her hands were tightly clasped in front of her, "You know how irresponsible you become whilst under the influence of too much Firewhisky!"

The three students were all lingering outside of the Gryffindor dormitories just before the great feast was due to start. They had all been invited to attend Ravenclaw's Start-Of-School Party, and there were rumours that some of the upper years had managed to smuggle in a load of Firewhisky.
Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley had already decided that they were going, and were attempting to convince Hermione to join them.
"Hermione, we gotta make 'em think we're as cool as we are courageous!"
"For the last time, Harry, no!" She shouted.
"Fine." Harry snapped, his eyes flaring, and stalked off without a second glance. Ron then followed suit after glancing at Hermione with a pleading look.
As she watched them walk away from her, her resolve wavered.
"W-wait!" She said, jogging after them, " I'll come."
Harry and Ron both smiled brightly, linking their arms in Hermione's.

As soon as she entered the room full of flashing lights and dancing people Hermione knew it was a bad idea to come. Harry immediately left spotting Ginny dancing with Luna and Neville. Ron lingered by Hermione's side, unsure of what to do. She shooed him away with her hands.

Seconds after he'd left Hermione regretted telling him to go. She was completely and utterly outside of her comfort zone. She squeezed and jostled past people who paid her no mind, and he was seriously contemplating leaving until she felt a tap on her shoulder.
"Have a Firewhisky, Granger, loosen up and perhaps we'll be able to take that stick out your arse!" It was Malfoy. He was completely and profusely drunk, offering an entire bottle of Firewhisky to Hermione. How had they even smuggled those in? But, not one to refuse a challenge, she took the alcohol and downed the entire bottle in one go. Slytherins and others alike all stared at her with an expression quite akin to awe. She burped, and beckoned for another bottle.
Malfoy began to laugh, and clapped Hermione on the shoulder, almost pushing her over.

What happened? Hermione thought, as she lay on a unfamiliar bed.
She quietly gasped as she realised. She couldn't remember a thing after the second -or was it third?- Firewhisky. She looked to her left and saw Malfoy, the Ferret, sleeping naked next to her. Immediately leaping out of the bed, she discovered that she too, was wearing nothing.
She shut her eyes for a second. How could she have been so irresponsible! She should have gone with her gut and not attended the party.

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