Chapter 22: Reality of Nightmares

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~ 2 Nights after The Dinner ~

He stood next to her, the one he loved, the one who motivated him. Her auburn hair was shining beneath the snows reflection, and her glistening pink and purple eyes were full of kindness. Eglanor stood outside of the palace, in its snow filled gardens, with his one true love Meathil. Her skin was slightly sun kissed, and her movements reflected everything that was elegant. The way she looked at him made him want to pull her closer to his body, wrap her in his arms, kiss her vigorously. He searched for her hand, which was gently resting at her side. Eglanor took it in his and instantly felt the connection between them, the pulling against his heart. They stared out into the frosty gardens, staring at the frozen roses. He wanted to pick one and give it to her, but knew it would shatter since it was frozen solid. It saddened him, to know that this world had once been flower filled, with no darkness, and now was filled with it. He felt something unsettling, something uneasy inside of him. He huddled closer to Meathil, who was now pressed up against his chest. She glanced up at him, her eyes meeting his, their breaths intertwined.

"I love you Eglanor." She leaned up to him and placed a kiss on his cold lips. The warmth filled his body, made his heart ache, something push hard against him. Before he could say anything, before his mind could tell him to stop, he pulled out a dagger. And slit Meathil's throat, her blood spilling onto the pure white snow. He froze in his spot, not remembering what had just happened. Until he saw his loves dying face, being buried by snow flakes. Dead.


Eglanor shot out of his bed, the cold air whisking against his skin. What type of dream was that? Why did he dream that? Was it the mind control? He was shivering, shaking, and sweating. He had no words for what he had just dreamt, nor really wanted to go back and analyze it. It was the damn mind control, it was controlling him. If he stayed away from her, he would not get those pulls he felt. He'd been staying away from her for the past few days, not wanting to get too close, for... No! He wouldn't let himself get that close, he couldn't. Never. He sat on his bedside in his black pants and shirtless. His chest was covered in sweat, the dream had messed him up, really badly. He had to talk with her, speak to her. The princess needed to hear his opinion. Eglanor took a towel and whipped off himself before slipping on a shirt, and some decent pants. He didn't know where the princess was, but he needed to get out of this lonesome room.

He walked down the halls, wandering around the palace. The guards were still awake, or at least the night crew was. They stared at him with curiosity and annoyance. He was making their jobs three times harder just by walking about the palace at this hour. He wanted to go there, the garden. He wanted to see where it was that dream happened. Eglanor had no idea where he was going, but he knew that somehow he would find it. The palace was dark at night, darker than anything he'd ever seen. The only light came from the moon, which shined though the windows relentlessly. The moon lit the hallways and when he reached the main entrance way made it shine. He probably wasn't supposed to go outside a night, after all it wasn't home. There were no gorgeous flowers or fluffy animals. Here it was large, dark, and cold. He felt the bitter loneliness of these halls, how no one and nothing looked your way. How the cold surrounded you and absorbed every ounce of your heat. He wondered what it was like to grow up here. The princess must have been lonely, but he didn't feel bad for her, not after what she did to him. He shuffled down the halls, his legs still stiff from laying in bed.

There were less and less guards as Eglanor came to a large doorway. He sort of forgot how he managed to get there. The doorway was made of glass, with silver framing. It was gorgeously made, with craftsmanship that overpowered any flaws. Eglanor had read about building and constructing stuff, he'd just never been any good at it. He looked through the glass to see a wonderful snow filled garden. The garden had a wondrous fountain in the middle that had frozen ice as its water. The snow piled up on the ground and dipped over every hedge. It was just like his dream, exactly like his dream in fact. He opened the door gently and welcomed the cold breeze of frosty air that blew against him. His feet were cold, the shoes he was wearing were not made for the snow. He loved the sight though, the snowflakes falling from the skies, the beautiful patterns of frost on the tall lamp posts, it would have been a winter wonderland. He decided to explore.

He found the place where his dream had taken place, or at least was trying. The gardens looked small, but they were huge. Eglanor roamed around, taking in everything. He went down the paths seen in his dream, trying to find it. His feet crunched against the snow as he walked faster. Then he found it, the place, but not everything was the same. Someone was there. He saw the pure white hair and the silver skin and knew who.

"You can't sleep? I couldn't either," the princess said as she stared at the moon. The light reflected off of her, making her glow. What did she want? Why would she be here?

"Yes." He didn't exactly know how to respond to it. How did he respond to a woman who took his mind and played with it. She didn't look hostile though, she kind of looked happy. The girl smiled at the moon and never tore her eyes away once to look at him. As if she were in her own little world. "Aren't you cold?"

"No. I've been living here my whole life, I've gotten used to it. But you on the other hand, must be freezing to death," she didn't say it with a mean tone. She said it like she was concerned, who was this person? The real princess? Or a disguise? "Why are you so tense?" This time she turned to see him, her red eyes looking dead into his. It made him shiver.

"I... I don't know. You aren't being your usual self are you not? Is this just a disguise?"

"No." What did she mean no?! This was not how she acted! Or at least not how she acted when around her mother. He glanced at the princess who was still staring at him. "You've come here for some reason, what might that reason be? If I may ask." She was being so polite.

"I couldn't sleep, had a dream that was... Unsettling," he answered trying to keep his answer as simple as possible. There was a pause.

"Was is about the one you love? The captain?" How did she know? How did she know he loved her? Was it just by observation? Eglanor wanted to know how she knew these things. The princess looked at him, and he didn't see the cruelness that he saw in the throne room, he saw pity.

"Yes. But I've got to ask you. Why? Why are you ordering me to do these things if you know I love her?! Why would you make me of all people do this?! You don't know what if feels like to not have control over you mind and body! What it feels like when something else entirely takes you and jumbles you up inside!"

"Like hell I don't know!" He stopped. What did she say? What? Why? "Like hell I don't know." This time... She was crying. Tears fell from her eyes and dripped down her cheeks. Why was she crying? The princess was supposed to be mean, cruel, wicked, yet all he saw, was a little girl. "You think I don't know what it is like? I know fully well what it is like! I know what it's like to not be able to control you own self. To have someone make you do indescribable things to others. To have someone make you kill people, that you didn't want to be killed. You don't know what it's like to have to live life like that every day!"

He didn't speak... Didn't move... Every day? Every day.

"You don't know what it is like having to fear every day that you are good enough! Having to be obedient and never falter in you decisions! For fear that you would be cast out! Be killed by your own family!!! By your own family... Your own." She broke, the princess broke down and fell into the snow. Covering her face with her hands, and she sobbed. "For fear that you could be killed by the one who made you! That they could just easily replace you! Because you mean nothing to them!" What was going on? What did she mean? Her... Mother? What had she been through? The girl was trembling on the ground, she was trembling. Was this the real princess? This... He couldn't believe it, more like he didn't want to believe it. Although it made him angry at what she was saying.

"Then why?! Why did you do this to me if you know the pain it brings?!" She looked up from her slumped position and her voice went dark.

"I didn't want to. But when you have your life on the line, it kind of changes a persons perspective a little right." The princess got up off the ground and walked away, she just... Walked away. "I'm sorry, I really am." He couldn't shake the feeling, that that sorry, was the truth. And he knew that if she could fight it then he could damn well try. What had she gone through? Or is still going through? That smile that had quickly disappeared. That peaceful expression when she was looking at the moon, quickly was wiped of her face. He knew the look, he had that look. The look of lost love.

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