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This is the new chapter!!

Long black hairs hanging out of the hoods. Perfect face and eyes in which you can drown. Perfect face cut. A body on which you can drool whole day.

Chaos jumped from the top and landed in front of Jack.
They hugged each other.

" What's up?" Jack asked.

" Same old shit! Everybody thinks I am Percy Jackson here. " Chaos said.

" Bad luck!" Jack said in British accent.

" So why you here?" Chaos asked.

" Simple to meet my best friend " he said.

" Hey you know what they all are playing a prank on me in which they say they are children of gods and even me" Chaos said in a low voice but I got it.

Suddenly gods flashed.

" See even there camp seniors are involved in this prank. " Chaos said pointing towards Zeus

" Alright Chaos go for pack your stuff we are going for hunt. I will talk to your camp seniors." Jack said.

Chaos nodded and ran leaving all of us in front of gods and Jack.

" You are no ordinary human. You have a strong aura that lured us here. Who are you?" Athena asked.

" I am not human but I am his friend for sure" Jack said we all got amazed.

" How come he looks exactly like Percy? " Aphrodite asked.

" Oh you won't like to know that. " Jack said.

" I wanna know where is Percy? " Hephaestus asked

" He is here." Jack said and low murmuring started.

" Where here?" Hera asked looking in our crowd.

" You all met him." He said.

" Don't play around boy. We can send you to hell now." Demeter said.

" Oh you won't want to do that too. " Jack said.

" And tell me why?" Hades said as he took out he realm.

" Two reasons.
First I know about Percy and second" he said and walked two steps back." I am..............." A big flash of light we all closed our eyes to stop it from burning " CHAOS"

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