Thalico has been born

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Queen of Gems has updated her status:
Have u guys realized how lonely Nico is??!!😰

Wave Master: Ur just now noticing this?

Sparky: You know what he needs?

Flame Boy: A life?

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Shadow Master: Dad!!!

Hades: Gotta go!

Hades has logged off

Flame Boy: No. But that's true. He needs a gf.

Wave Master: But who?

Thalia the Hunter: Hey guys.

Wave Master, Flame Boy, Sparky: 😈

Shadow Master: No wa-

Beauty Queen: Yes way!

Private chat between Thalia the Hunter and Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen: So Thalia. Truth or Dare?

Thalia the Hunter: U made me go into a private chat for Truth or Dare?!!😡

Beauty Queen: Just choose one!!!

Thalia the Hunter: Truth...?

Beauty Queen: Who do you like?

Thalia the Hunter: Uhhh....

Beauty Queen: Spit it out!!!

Thalia the Hunter: I like N-nico...

Beauty Queen: Then why don't you just ask him out?

Thalia the Hunter: Beacuse I'm a Hunteress!!! (It's in the my username!!) Lady Artemis would never approve of me dating Nico. Plus he probably doesn't even like me!

Beauty Queen: Are you so sure about that?

Ended chat with Thalia the Hunter and Beauty Queen

Private chat with Shadow Master and  Beauty Queen

Shadow Master: What do u want Piper?

Beauty Queen: Quick question. Do you like Thalia?

Shadow Master: ...

Beauty Queen: Well???!

Shadow Master: OK. But only a little bit. The way her eyes sparkle and her personality... She's just so awesome!

Beauty Queen: Yeah sure. Just a little bit.

Ended chat with Shadow Master and Beauty Queen

Group chat with Sparky, Wave Master, Flame Boy and Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen: Operation Thalico is a go.

Sparky: 😎

Wave Master:😎

Flame Boy: What about Theo?

Wave Master, Sparky and Beauty Queen: *facepalm*

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