Oh My God. "Derrick?"

Derrick looks up and his eyes go wide. "Ana-bear." I tense at the nickname and I look away from him. From the corner of my eye, I see Zach looking at me curiously.

He scoots close to my ear and whispers, "You know him?" I nod my head softly and entwine my hands tightly. I look back up and see Derrick staring at me with an unknown expression. He looks way mature than he did 5 years ago. His dark, long hair is now a buzz cut. He's not as fit as he was. He's gained about 40 pounds. Ha, bastard. Looking at Zack, he gives me a curious look then smiles at me reassuringly. "Thank you all for coming. This is a really important even for charity and different businesses around the city. Donate and have a good time." He grins professionally at the group of men and they nod and smile back. "If you need anything or assistance, you can ask my personal assistant, Anastasia Barron." I wave and smile a polite smile.

Zach continues to talk to the group of men about business casually dragging me into the conversation. We walk around the ballroom greeting people and making sure they donate. The whole time, I feel a pair of familiar eyes on me. Following me. "Are you okay?" I jump at his voice.

I wave my hand in the air, "Oh, yeah. Just a little sleepy."

"Are you sure? You became awfully tense when we went around Derrick Fisher." He raise his eyebrows.

"Yes, I'm very sure. And I did know him in my past but I'm over it." I smile reassuringly to him and he smiles back. The moment ends quickly when Long neck Giselle comes over,

"Zachary, lets go dance." She purrs at him and I shift uncomfortably.

"I'm in the middle of a conversation, Giselle." He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

"I'm your date! Dance with me." She grabs his arm and practically drags him to the door. Not wanting to cause a scene, he gives me an apologetic look and walks with Giselle. I give him a small smile and it quickly disappears when he is out of sight. First I have to deal with Giselle all around with Zach now Derrick is here. Getting too frustrated and not finding Trish, I walk to the women's restroom and look in the mirror. My cheeks are red and I have a permanent bitch face on. I splash my cheeks with cold water and smile to get the scowl off of my face. I fix my white dress, impressed that I haven't got anything on it, and fix my tight ponytail. Taking a deep breath, I walk out of the restroom only to have hands on my hips. I jump in fright and I turn around.

"What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy?" Derrick chuckles a little and drops his hands after I give him a death glare.

"Ana-bear.. You look.. Beautiful." He smiles a small smile.

"That's not my name so stop calling me that. What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Anastasia, you will always be my Ana-bear. Plus, I was invited." I scowl at him. If he used that on me back then, I would be in his arms already but I'm more mature and not stupid.

"Derrick.. Why are you in front of me right now? You said you never wanted to see me again because I was a 'piece of shit'."

He takes a deep breath and exhales,"Ana.. I was so wrong. I regret doing everything to you. I swear I'm a changed man. I just.. I don't know why I did those things to you. I'm so sorry, baby." Before I can say anything, he kisses me. My eyes go wide and I push home with so much force. I slap him and I walk away. Tears build up in my eyes from all of the emotions I was feeling. Anger, confusion, hurt, frustration. Looking around the room, I notice Zach sitting at a table. I walk towards him and suck those tears back in.

When he sees me he smiles at me but it quickly vanishes when he sees my facial expression. "Anastasia, are you okay? What happened?"

"Can I leave early? I got some bad news about my family." I lie and I look down.

He lifts my chin and looks at me for a couple of seconds. "Of course. But can you tell me what really happened?"

I look him at his deep blue yes and I almost cave in but I stick to my lie, "Just a family emergency."

"Okay. You can leave. You can have the off day tomorrow for making this ball fantastic. Feel better." He smiles at me lovingly and grin at him. I thank him and walk away from his powerful frame. I spot Trish talking to one of Zach's business associates.

"Trish, I'm gonna leave."

"Ana, what's wrong? What the fuck happened?" She looks at me narrowing Her Eyes.

"Nothing. Im Just tired." I nod my head.

"No you're not. I'm coming with you," she turns around and hands her number to the guy. "Call me!" She walks towards me again and we head out.

Walking into my apartment, I take my heels off and my dress and lay down on my bed. I close my eyes and cry like I've never had before. I feel the bed dip and I feel Trish hug me. "It's okay, Ana." She rubs my hair and I just cry harder until I lull myself to sleep.


Zachary's POV

"Where's you fat ass assistant?" Giselle sneers.

I glare at her and become defensive, "Shut the fuck up, Giselle. You can the get the fuck outta here." I wave her off and she scowls at me then leaves my sight. I don't even know why I asked her to be my date. Ana should've been my date. I really want to know what happened to her tonight. As soon as she said 'Derrick', she was tense all evening. She was always avoiding eye contact and smiled smiles that didn't reach to her bright now dull eyes. After sitting down and getting rid of Giselle for five minutes, I saw Ana walk out of the bathroom hallway and I smiled immediately. She looked so beautiful this evening, her curves filling the dress and her angel face popping out. But when I seen her bloodshot eyes my smile crumpled. I knew it had something to do with Derrick Fisher. I don't know what happened between those two. But believe me. I will find out.


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