The First Night Again Part 54

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I haven't properly edited this chapter so please excuse any mistakes you come across. Apart from that, I hope you enjoy it.

Jenny's POV...

Quickly making a wee walk again before climbing into bed, I felt like I was just stalling before joining Daniel back in the bedroom. Actually, I was. It's been so long since I was that close to him and it still felt like there was an ocean between us.

Most of what needed to be said had already been said. We are going to give this another go at working out this marriage we have fought so hard for. We might have been young when we first met, but there were distance in those days we were able to overcome, but we did it.

We did it together. But now we have the hardest challenge on our hands tonight. Right now with just one single door that stood between us that seemed like it was more than one.

But I'm hestitating again looking for excuses to not grab hold of the handle and pull that damn door open. It isn't going to kill me, even if it feels like it will. But I can do it. I have to do it. I will open that door that separates us.

So grabbing hold of the handle and after taking a deep breath, I pulled the door open and stepped out into my bedroom, or rather, the bedroom I am using at the moment.

Looking up the moment I stepped through the door, I saw that Daniel was sitting on one of the arm chairs beside the bed, but quickly looked up to see me standing there as I opened the door.

I can tell that he is very nervous. I know that i am. My palms are sweaty and I rubbed them down the legs of my pyjama bottoms before taking another step inside the room. The moment that I did, Daniel stood up and waited for me to do or say something.

"The bathroom's all yours." I said to him quietly as I began to move closer to the bed with the intention of pulling back the blankets and removing the spare pillows from the bed, getting it ready for us to climb into it.

"I went and used the bathroom down the hall." Daniel said to me quietly as he too moved towards the bed to help me get it ready like we usually did when we were at home together.

Looking at him, I saw that his hair was still damp and there were a few beads of water still covering his chest, but I didn't keep my eyes on him too long before turning them away.

My breath still catches each time I see him, especially like this.

Taking a deep breath, I reach out and pulled the blankets up and climbed into bed as I normally would and settle myself as I watched and waited for Daniel to do the same.

Watching as he carefully climbed into the bed beside me, I then turned away from him as I reached out and turned the light off that was on the bedside drawers near me. After turning it off, I tried to settle myself in the bed with at least a foot between Daniel and myself. A foot that might as well feel like a mile, which it does.

I noticed in the dark that he did the same and then we just lay there still without saying or doing anything. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt when being in bed with my husband.

"I hate this feeling." I said to him quietly in the dark just above a whisper.

"I know. I hate it too and the fault is mine that you feel that way, not yours, never yours." Daniel said back to me in the dark just as quietly.

Then in a sudden move I should have seen coming, he turned over towards me and grabbed me with an arm across my stomach, and gently pulled me closer to him rolling me a little onto my side like he use to so that he spooned himself up behind me.

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