Chapter 1: "Prologue"

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This story is an X Reader, however for the first 5 chapters it will use a different name. I deeply apologize for this, if you have an idea/opinion about this please comment down. After chapter 5, you will start using your OC's name. Thank you for the attention and enjoy!

So here we go-- the first chapter. Oml. *deep breathes* I'll try to make it as interesting as I can, but for your information; English isn't my mothertongue and my grammar might be all over the place. XD anyways, still, enjoy the story!


[Nagisa's POV.]

It's just another day of school with Koro-sensei and my classmates. It's almost time to go home though, I'm relieved! I gotta admit today's stuff were quite complicated, but I managed to understand.

As I listened to Koro-sensei's explaining, I noticed a cracking sound from above. I looked at Kayano and Karma. Kayano looked back at me with a 'I-know-what-you're-thinking-of' expression while Karma... notices, but doesn't seem to care.


"Yeah?" he replied without looking.

"You know..." I started, keeping an eye on one of the small cracks of the ceiling. He sighed. "Yeah, I know. Want me to spoil it?" I nodded seriously and watched as he threw a knife up.

and as I expected...



~ A minute later. ~


A girl with (hair/length) (hair/color) hair, on the floor, in front of the whole class. She's covered in dust and small wooden chips... Is she the one that was hiding in the ceiling? What's happening though?!

[Karma's POV]

I didn't expect the gender to be a girl.

Why would she be up there, I wonder?..

"And then who are youuu?" sensei asked the girl. I analyzed her appearance. Looks like someone of our age. Probably a transfer student? Nobody's informed about it though... And sensei's expression tells that he doesn't know anything about this either-- not to mention he bluntly asked 'who'.

"I-I'm Arisawa Yukari." she paused and looked down with blushes of embarrassment. Wait- she wasn't pausing, her name's all she's gonna tell us?

My mind kept wondering as I stared at her. It's... odd how she just falls out from the ceiling. I expected it to be human, yet not a girl, specifically a young girl. "Koro-sensei, is she a new student to our class? She isn't wearing any kind of school uniform though." Rio asked the yellow creature who still looks confused. "I don't know, Arisawa-san, can you introduce more about yourself to the class?" the teacher said.

It was silent for a while. We couldn't see her expression since she seems to be trying to look away. Until she spoke, "W-Well... a-actually--"

"Koro-sensei, it's past the time to go home!" Terasaka blurted out, cutting off Yukari's further introduction. I quickly hung my bag over my shoulder and jumped out, heading straight home.


I did the prologue o.o pheww~ that was.. um.. hard XD btw next chapter will be Reader-chan's POV? I think. Welp thanks for reading! owo luv ya

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