Chara's Orders

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•Chara's POV•

"I want you to track down that Lunar girl and kill her. Since, of course, Derrick almost got himself killed by a Monster," Sean said, turning in his chair.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, bending down to the ground.

I didn't know why I was taking orders from a fallen human that had only came here a few years ago. But he seemed to know a lot, so that's the reason I joined his side.

He only had a few allies, such as, Flowey, Undyne, and yet another fallen human named Xavier.

"Good. Now I want Derrick in my office by six o'clock. If he refuses to come, kill him. And if he's already dead, don't touch his body and go and find Lunar," Sean said as I started walking towards the door. "And feel free to give Papyrus and Sans some of my love," He called after me as I flung open the door.

I smiled to myself as started climbing the rope ladder that led to a small village no one knew the name to.

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