Cats and Eyes

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Cuts and Cake

Chapter 11

"Hai, arigato. Sayonara Tanaka-san," Ciel said in fluent Japanese and put the phone down.

Sebastian placed a teacup in front of Ciel.

"Who was that? I didn't know you could speak Japanese," he observed admirably. The boy was still full of surprises.

"Sukoshi hansemas*," Ciel answered and switched back to English. "That was Tanaka. He used to be a kind of butler when my parents were alive. I wanted to check some details about the fire with him as he still lives in the area."

He paused to take a sip of what Sebastian had given him which caused him to make a face and gulp his mouthful down hurriedly.

"What is this?"

The dark haired one looked pointedly out the window at the dark sky lined with stars.

"It's getting late and if you are intending to stay up for most of the night then you need lots of caffeine. Tea is simply not strong enough. Since you have so much of a sweet tooth I mixed sugar, coffee and hot chocolate together."

Ciel smiled at him, touched that he had tried to adapt coffee to suit his tastes.

"Have you called your aunt yet to tell her that you're staying over?"

Sebastian winced at what her reaction would be if he hadn't and what she would do to him. He had a feeling that she was very skilled with a knife.

"I did. She didn't seem to mind and told me to have as much fun as I could for some reason. By the way, where am I going to sleep?"

"My bed of course," the known sadist answered as if it were obvious.

Catching Ciel's horrified look, he rolled his eyes. "It's a double bed so we just have to keep to different sides. I normally sleep with some of my cats so I'm used to having things next to me and I don't move around a lot. "


It was easy for Sebastian to get Ciel into bed with him. He simply waited for Ciel to fall asleep over a document he was reading and carefully carried him upstairs. Unfortunately for him Ciel snapped wide awake when he was trying to take some of the boy's clothes off.

"What is going on? I though the undressing came at the end," Ciel demanded with a blushing face and moved Sebastian's hand away from his body.

"You can't sleep in your clothes. You will get hot and it won't be very comfortable," Sebastian explained, fully aware of how dodgy it had looked.

"Fine, I will change, but I will do it myself and in the bathroom," Ciel said and stormed out the room, holding the spare pair of pyjamas that Sebastian had been going to dress him in.

A few minutes later he returned in a pair of blue oversized pyjamas with cats on which made him look exactly like a 10 year old. Sebastian smiled at the sight which was a complete juxtaposition to the sour expression Ciel was wearing.

"You look very cute Ciel. It's very late so we should be getting to bed now. You can take the left side."

Hesitantly Ciel climbed in and pulled the cover up. Already he could feel Sebastian's body heat next to him and he knew his face was already red. It had only been 30 seconds; how was he going to last the entire night?

As Sebastian switched of the bedside light Ciel rolled over so he was facing away from him Sebastian who noticed and smirked. His toy had begun blushing whenever he got close to him or when he made innuendos which showed the boy was not adverse to him.