United ~ Lothlórien

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Legolas! Forn's mind screamed his name and she shot up from her relaxed position. She scanned the group and quickly noticed the wrongness. Where's Gandalf? Legolas did not answer just pressed himself into her.

"Legolas," Aragorn called. "Get them up." Legolas paused before peeling himself away from Forn. He headed over to the Hobbits, which Forn hadn't noticed collapse. Of course you couldn't blame her, she was preoccupied.

"Give them a moment, for pity's sake!" Boromir yelled, his eyes were filled with tears. Forn wanted to know why, but even as the thought pressed into Legolas' mind, he waved her off.

"By nightfall these hills will be swarming with Orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlórien. Come, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, get them up." Aragorn order, and they complied. Forn crawled behind them as they walked. Finally they put the still depressed hobbits onto her back, and she carried them without complaint.

Legolas, Forn asked, narrowing her eyes in the direction of the elf. Something wrong happened in the mines. You will tell me.

I wish not to speak of it. Legolas answered his mind soft. Forn let out a great roar and leaped into the air, the hobbits barely being able to hold on. She landed, one hand trapping Legolas to the earth, and the other trapping Aragorn. She leveled her head with Boromir and slipped her back foot around Gimli.

Somebody must tell me what happened. She growled, the growl vocal, but the words only Legolas could hear.

"What is happening Legolas?" Aragorn asked as he struggled to break free of Forn's grasp.

"She wishes to be told of what happened in the Mines of Moria," Legolas grumbled. "I have no desire to speak of it."

"We lost Gandalf fighting off a Balrog," Aragorn snapped. "Not let us free, this is no way to go about getting information. And Legolas, you are the only one who can understand her, so you must be the one to answer her questions. I will not have this happen again. She could have killed any one of us."

I would not have killed anyone, Forn sniffed. Does he not think I have control of my limbs? But she let them up, falling into step behind them.


They entered a forest and the hobbits slid from her back as Forn had to take different routes not to crash through the trees. It was painfully annoying, but Legolas warned her sternly not to destroy the forest. She didn't want to displease Aragorn again, however she could not avoid the small bushes or the branches of the trees that hung a little too close to her head. She was quite unhappy, but tried not to complain, that was until she smashed her head into a branch.

She let out an audible roar, letting out a string of curses along with it. And to simply please herself, she tore down the tree with the branch that defied her. Then she crashed over to the Fellowship and laid in front of then with a huff.

"Well..." Aragorn said glancing at the pouting dragon. "If the elves if this forest didn't know that we were here, they certainly do now."

"Well," Gimli puffed out his chest and Forn knew that he was about to complement himself. "This is one dwarf they won't ensnare so easily, I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox-" he was interrupted by elves leaping over Forn and jabbing an arrow near his face. Forn released a roar as ropes lashed down on top of her, binding her wings and forcing close her mouth.

Legolas! She growled. Get them off before I break these binds and roast every one of them.

Wait... We must speak to them. I will assure them that you mean no harm. Legolas responded calmly. Forn glared at the elf nearest to her and snapped the ropes around her jaws. The elves screamed and scrambled backwards, preparing themselves for the worst, and yet Forn only chuckled in amusement.

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