Pick-up lines #2

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Frisk was quietly eating at Grillby's again. She (shh... I forgot to say they were girls in this story) was peacefully eating.
"Hey. Did you sit in sugar? Because you have a sweet butt." Frisk stopped eating momentarily to look back at a smirking Chara. Then she went straight back to eating, "Oh come on. That one was good." Chara said sitting on the chair next to Frisk, "Got anymore?" Frisk asked, "Tons." Chara replied, "Well. Let's see if you can make me smile again." Frisk said taking another bite of the her burger.
"Okay. Challenge accepted." Chara said with a smirk.
"You know. I've always wondered something about the Christmas tree out there." Chara said, "What's that?" Frisk asked, "Why aren't you on top of it? I thought that's where angels belong." Frisk once again stopped eating to look at Chara, "Really?" Chara smiled.
She grabbed the back of Frisk's shirt and looked at the tag in the back, "What are you doing?" Frisk asked. Chara nodded and hummed, "Yup. Made in heaven." Frisk actually blushed. But tried not to show it.
"Are you enjoying my pick up lines?" Frisk shook her head, "Then would you enjoy me picking you up instead?" Chara said smiling. Frisk shook her head again. "Hmm..." Chara looked around and smirked, "I always wondered something. Are you an interior decorator?" Frisk raised an eyebrow, "Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful." Frisk started to choke on the food. She stood up and swallowed the food, "Goodbye." She said and started to walk out. "Wait!" Chara yelled and ran after Frisk, "I haven't made you smile yet!" Frisk sighed and stopped right outside of Grillbys.
"Wait... There's something in your eye." Chara leaned in closer to take a look, "Oh wait, nevermind. It was just a sparkle." Frisk blushed once more, "Man... It's so fascinating... I've been looking at your eyes all night long..." Frisk nodded, waiting, "Cause I've never seen dark eyes with so much light in them." Frisk finally grinned and Chara raised their hands in victory, "Yes!" She started to run away, "Get ready for tomorrow! Because I am going to get ready!" Frisk shook her head and walked home.


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